How to get hospitals and health systems to attend your webinar


A webinar takes a substantial amount of time to create and organize, and you want to maximize attendance. Where do you start? There are a variety of tools and strategies to get your name out in the healthcare industry and boost attendees. With the current market, many professional industries are going virtual, giving you more opportunities than ever. Let’s breakdown how you can increase your visibility and attendance.


As with most fields, getting your name out there will be one of the largest components of your business. You want to ensure you put your energy towards the most effective strategies. Since virtual communication is often the best way to reach a large audience, have a solid marketing process in place.  Going digital can decrease your costs and increase your visibility. A few top strategies are:

Use social media

Highlight any upcoming webinars or courses on your social media accounts, like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. On many of these you can create an event to keep a tally of any interest and engage with potential attendees. Using hashtags can also increase the likelihood your post will be seen.


Email marketing can help you drive registrations up by 57%, so you want to maximize this as much as possible! E-mails can help drive industry professionals to your content, offers, and webinars. Customizing your e-mails may be more effective but will also be more time-consuming. Once they sign up, make sure to send them a link and a thank you.


If you have an e-mail system already in place to reach out to your clients, include any upcoming webinars and events on them clearly. If you don’t have a newsletter yet, create a simple one that can go to any existing or potential clients. You can include information about the industry as a whole and events. Make sure you link it back to your website or blogs to boost traffic. Make it easy to sign up for your webinar with one-click.

Use your website

Post your webinars plainly on your website and try to drive continual traffic there. Some ways you can do this are to use keywords or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Adding a blog can be helpful for boosting views and letting buyers find you. It can also add excellent credibility, as you can professionally speak on the topic in depth.

Add an option to Add-to Calendar

You can include an RSVP in your e-mails or on your website that can easily transfer over to someone’s professional calendar, like Outlook or Gmail. This is a great option that not only reminds them of the upcoming webinar but can help you keep track of attendance. This may take some light coding, but generally it is simple to include in your marketing and digital ads.

Use a call-to-action

A call-to-action, otherwise known as a CTA, is a consistent way to draw people from the healthcare industry to your webinars. A CTA gives the reader or buyer a sense of urgency and enforces how your webinar is valuable. It is typically a few sentences that will link the buyer or attendee to your webinar information. Most people find these are most effective when placed at the end of a blog, in a newsletter, or in a social media post. A few examples of CTA’s include:

  • Sign up for our webinar now and receive 50% off!
  • Limited time offer, register here!
  • Learn more about the future of healthcare today!
  • Want to see cost effective strategies for your hospital? Click here to learn more!

Calls-to-action are appealing to your ideal buyer and use an incentive to encourage them to sign up for your webinar. This could be targeted toward their knowledge of the industry, saving money, meeting continuing education credits, or anything that you feel grabs their attention. Include a hyperlink on a keyword (like here, register, sign up) for a one-click easy sign-up for them to see your webinar information.

Promotions and incentives

While getting the word out is a critical component to increasing your attendance, you also need to incentivize the professionals seeing your advertisements or information. How would they benefit from attending your webinar? What information will they walk away with? Include any promotions or special offers. It may help to include a deadline to the offers- such as purchasing within the next 48 hours to save 50%.

If you want to target specific companies or hospital systems, get in touch with their administrators or whatever contact can help you get the news out. You may be able to get your information listed on an e-mail with your offer. This can be particularly helpful for nurses or doctors, who may need certain credits or courses to meet their medical license requirements. If you have another upcoming webinar, offer your attendee’s a special bonus offer to attend that.

In-person connections

Having great face-to-face connections can help you build your attendee’s and trust among those who work in healthcare. If you are starting out fresh, attend webinars or in-person events to network among others. You can also reach out to those offering events and ask to present your material. When networking, collect information on who is attending. Do attendees work in a hospital? Tell them how your webinar can help them save money or offer information about digital health technologies. Don’t underestimate the power of networking!

Getting feedback

Follow-up on those who have attended your webinars to see what you can do to increase participation. It may be as simple as a small time adjustment, or possibly changing the time to a common lunch break hour. This can also help you streamline your content to what the industry is looking for or needs. 

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