With healthcare approaching significant headwinds related to staff shortages, clinician burden, and reduced access to care, health systems must identify more optimal capabilities to drive care by leveraging innovations in AI & virtual collaboration.

In this value-packed, non-technical session, you will learn about virtual health strategies that MUSC Health has enabled to take a virtual-first approach to efficient care delivery across settings – outpatient, inpatient, and at-home. Powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT, MUSC employs a highly optimized ‘virtual chassis’ to expand access to care, increase capacity to serve its populations, and scale clinical resources to drive quality care more efficiently.

Join Andor Health and Microsoft to:

  • Implement a singular virtual health strategy, including a virtual command center that curates all virtual experiences for clinical staff
  • Describe successful centralized virtual staffing support models for nursing, sitting, and remote consultations that are imperative to collaborative workflows for efficiency, continuity, and seamless patient experience
  • Create a unified experience for patients and providers and remove barriers to accessing care
  • Identify key approaches to disrupt traditional care delivery and pioneer innovative models that will be critical in the consumer-driven future of medicine

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