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About remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare delivery method that uses digital technologies to collect medical data from patients in one location and electronically transmit it to healthcare providers in a another location for assessment and recommendations.

The current state of remote patient monitoring has transformed the way healthcare professionals monitor and manage patient health, particularly for those with chronic conditions. The adoption of RPM technologies has not only led to better patient outcomes but also reduced the burden on healthcare systems and lowered overall healthcare costs. According to a 2020 American Telemedicine Association report, remote patient monitoring has the potential to save the healthcare system up to $200 billion over the next 25 years.

Leading hospitals are implementing or expanding their digital remote patient monitoring services in order to provide more robust care and timely care interventions for patients outside of the hospital’s four walls. A recent internal analysis found that an estimated 70% of the AVIA network has adopted at least one remote patient monitoring solution.

As digital health solutions continue to advance, the impact of remote patient monitoring on patient care and cost savings will only increase.

What many of the leading solutions offer:

  • Connect + Non-connected platforms
  • Condition specific platforms
  • Ongoing care management
  • Care transitions
  • Post-episode recovery
  • Hospital at home

About this report

The Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies Report is designed to help healthcare leaders gain a comprehensive understanding of the RPM landscape and identify standout companies with proven success in the market. Users can access quick summaries to determine which solutions may align with their needs and visit AVIA Marketplace to view detailed company profiles, verified client lists, and generate Match Scores to narrow their selection. 

Powered by AVIA Marketplace data, inclusion in this report is based on the number of verified health system clients listed for each company on the platform. While some vendors may not be able to provide full lists of clients due to confidentiality agreements, AVIA Marketplace provides healthcare organizations with the resources needed to make informed decisions about RPM solutions that meet their unique needs.

AVIA Marketplace's top digital remote patient monitoring companies

Health Recovery Solutions

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) is a leading provider of remote monitoring platforms that focus on changing patient behavior to improve clinical outcomes and reduce readmissions. Their disease-specific telehealth solutions are highly customized with 90+ care plans, educational videos, teach back quizzes, customized education, and medication reminders. These solutions are also integrated with Bluetooth peripherals for advanced clinical monitoring. HRS offers a variety of communication tools, including video calls, phone calls, and messaging, as well as 24/7 direct technical patient support through tablets or mobile apps. HRS works with over 260 leading health systems, physician groups, and home health organizations, supplying them with one of the most advanced remote monitoring platforms available.


SeamlessMD is a leading remote patient monitoring company that offers a Digital Care Journey platform designed to help healthcare systems stay connected with patients throughout their healthcare journeys. With SeamlessMD, patients can easily access digital care plans on their mobile devices or computers and receive reminders, education, and progress tracking to guide them through their healthcare journey. Providers can monitor patients, receive alerts, and access analytics to deliver better care, while 20+ clinical studies and evaluations have shown that SeamlessMD can help reduce length of stay, readmissions, and costs. Additionally, SeamlessMD was the first patient engagement platform to offer direct, turn-key integrations with both Epic (App Orchard) and Cerner (CODE), providing seamless integration with electronic health records for even better patient care.


Babyscripts is an innovative healthcare technology company that focuses on providing virtual maternity care. Their clinically-validated obstetrics-specific solution is designed to enable maternal healthcare providers, including OB/GYNs, to deliver prenatal and postpartum care using a mobile app-based platform and remote patient monitoring experiences. Babyscripts is committed to addressing the critical shortage of obstetrical providers in the U.S. and revolutionizing the delivery of pregnancy care through the power of technology and remote patient monitoring. Their cutting-edge solution has the potential to transform the healthcare industry by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing access to care.


Tytocare is revolutionizing primary care by empowering consumers with remote home examination and diagnosis solutions. Our telehealth products, TytoHome™, TytoPro™, and TytoClinic™, enable seamless connections between patients and clinicians. With a hand-held modular examination tool, a complete telehealth platform for live video exams, and built-in guidance technology and machine learning algorithms, our solutions replicate face-to-face clinician visits. Additionally, our cloud-based data repository with analytics and simple integration with EHR systems and other telehealth platforms ensure ease of use and accuracy.


VitalTech is a company focused on developing technologies that empower patients to take charge of their own health and wellness. By providing companies with innovative tools to improve health outcomes and enhance relationships with patients, VitalTech has become a leading provider of biosensor and digital health solutions. With their integrated platform, VitalCare, they offer remote patient monitoring and simplified workflows to support connected care. Through their technology, VitalTech is transforming the way patients and healthcare providers interact, and helping to create a more patient-centered approach to healthcare. Learn more about VitalTech and their digital health solutions at

Validic, Inc.

Validic, Inc. is a digital health and remote care company that has built the world’s largest health IoT platform. The platform transforms personal data into insights and actions that improve clinical decisions and healthcare delivery, strengthen patient and provider relationships, and empower people to play an active role in their health and well-being. Leading healthcare providers use Validic's solutions to deliver high-touch and personalized chronic condition management, remote care and support for healthy living. Validic is dedicated to improving the healthcare system by leveraging the power of digital health and remote patient monitoring to drive better patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience.


Accuhealth is a prominent healthcare technology company that was founded in 2018 and is based in McAllen, Texas. They specialize in providing turnkey remote patient monitoring solutions to clinics and enterprises worldwide. Their comprehensive solutions include both hardware and software, as well as 24/7/365 clinical monitoring with real-time vital information and AI-enhanced data. By using Accuhealth’s services, physicians can achieve improved outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, reduced costs for payers, and increased revenue for clinics. One of the key benefits of Accuhealth’s touch points as a service is that it makes remote monitoring easy and efficient for providers, patients, and clinical staff. With Accuhealth, remote patient monitoring is finally done right. To learn more, visit their website at

Vivify Health

Vivify Health is a rapidly growing digital health company that has developed the world's first remote care platform utilizing consumer mobile devices. Their cloud platform seamlessly connects biometric and mobile devices with electronic health records, serving some of the largest health systems in the United States. Vivify Health's user-friendly interface allows patients of any age to easily maintain their health at home while staying connected to their healthcare providers, loved ones, and friends. Vivify Health serves a wide range of customers, including hospital systems, health plans, insurers, home health agencies, accountable care organizations, and large employers. The company has been selected as a partner by major global players in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and healthcare information technology. Vivify Health is guided by experienced healthcare IT innovators and is well-funded to continue its mission of transforming remote patient monitoring and care delivery.

Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health is a healthcare solutions vendor transforming care delivery. Their advanced healthcare technology innovations in patient monitoring and personal safety improve outcomes, reduce costs, and streamline logistics. Their combined platform supports Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and/or Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), designed to support individual patient needs. Clear Arch Health manages all product and service logistics for their clients and partners, allowing them to focus on delivering care. Their RPM platform and expansive patient-centric program options enhance the delivery of healthcare through engaging tablets, mobile devices, and user-friendly eHealth applications. With their industry's first full-featured RPM solution with an integrated PERS medical alarm, Clear Arch Health is a premier innovator in connected care technology, aiming to be the go-to vendor partner for enabling actionable clinical oversight and lowering the cost of healthcare.

Get Well

Get Well provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive patient and family engagement platform that spans across all care settings, from inpatient to outpatient care. Their four integrated solutions, GetWell Inpatient™, GetWell Rounds+™, GetWell Loop™, and GetWell Docent, utilize innovative technology, clinical expertise, and streamlined processes to achieve optimal cross-continuum engagement. Get Well's precision patient engagement approach not only improves HCAHPS scores but also creates a branded patient experience that cultivates loyalty, differentiation and grows "share of wallet." Through their end-to-end digital consumer experience strategy, Get Well enables healthcare providers to engage with patients and their families before and after clinical interactions through a variety of channels, including video calls, messaging and other communication tools.

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Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has become an increasingly important tool for healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care while minimizing in-person visits. With RPM solutions like real-time biometric monitoring, customizable patient surveys, and secure messaging, remote patient monitoring enables providers to proactively manage patient health and identify potential issues before they become urgent. 

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