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2023 Recognition

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What does conversational AI look like in healthcare?

Conversational AI is an advanced technology that allows machines to understand, process, and respond to human language in a way that is both contextually relevant and interactive. 

Within the healthcare sector, this technology is increasingly deployed to automate routine tasks and deliver a more robust and personalized patient experience. Conversational AI leverages a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and occasionally deep learning to interpret and respond to user inputs, with a conversational user interface that mimics human interaction. Digital health companies deploy conversational AI through chatbots, voice assistants, messaging apps, or any other type of platform where natural language interactions occur.

Conversational AI solution types

Pre-care interactionSolves for important pre-care interactions including symptom search, appointment scheduling, and health information.
Care processSupports symptom checking, patient education, and communication between patients and care providers.
Post-care managementPromotes effective post-care management with follow-up appointment scheduling, reminders, and care plan adherence support.
Enduring relationshipProvides ongoing care plan education, monitors symptoms, manages care gaps, and delivers patient surveys.

Conversational AI is a relatively recent innovation, which means that this is new territory for most health systems. It’s important for health systems to keep pace as the technology continues to evolve and choose solutions that can act as trusted partners over time.”

Introduction to the report

The Top Conversational AI Companies Report is a resource designed to guide healthcare professionals in their quest for exceptional operational and customer oriented solutions. This report offers perspective on prominent provider documentation companies as reflected in the client reviews gathered on AVIA Marketplace and presents a selection of leading-edge solutions and companies.

This report is organized around client reviews that provide insight into the impact these solutions have had with the organizations they work with and include concise summaries that could assist in pinpointing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our AVIA Marketplace serves as an additional resource, facilitating access to detailed company profiles, verified client lists, comparison of various solutions, and Match Scores to streamline your selection process. For even greater depth, AVIA experts are available through a Marketplace Product Review (for digital health solutions) and AVIA Membership (for hospitals and health systems). Ready to learn more? Send us a note!

Our methodology

The data that powers this report stems directly from the AVIA Marketplace, informed by reviews and by the number of verified health system clients associated with each company featured in the marketplace. In observance of confidentiality agreements, the complete client lists may not always be available from vendors.

Please note that the data presented is dynamic and subject to change over time. Therefore, we advise that decisions drawn from this information should be made judiciously, backed by thorough consideration.

AVIA's perspective and report limitations

Please note that this information does not reflect the opinions or views of AVIA as a whole, or AVIA Advisory Services. Rather, it reflects data captured on AVIA Marketplace at a point in time. This data is subject to change over time.

We at AVIA acknowledge the diverse strategies hospitals employ when selecting technologies. The reviews herein can offer valuable insight, but we also encourage considering other factors, like EMR integration, experience with clients similar to your organization, or overall market presence, which may prove pivotal in decision-making. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive analysis on these other aspects as well.

Our unique Product Grid, powered by our proprietary Match Score, is a useful tool to consider in your evaluation process. This methodology ensures that the products featured not only meet the buyer’s specific requirements but also exhibit solid market establishment.

Top-rated conversational AI companies

The top-rated Conversational AI companies were the most-reviewed within their product category. Companies in this section have all received the “Top-reviewed” recognition and the order does not indicate a ranking.


Hyro is a plug and play conversational AI platform that helps healthcare enterprises supercharge patient experiences with  voice and text capabilities across all their digital channels. An AI virtual assistant optimizes access to self-service and can be deployed within days. A provider view delivers actionable data insights that include top keywords and trends, patient engagement metrics, and knowledge gaps.

“We were able to automate 85% of calls to our support center. Moreover, NLP gives us firsthand patient insights to drive decision-making. That is invaluable.”

Amber Fencl SVP, Digital Health & Engagement at Novant


Ada’s intelligent care navigation platform helps patients to access services at the right time, improving experiences, efficiency, and outcomes. Ada’s intuitive, accurate AI-powered symptom assessment asks questions like a doctor and can interpret 10,000 symptoms and 3,600 conditions, safely navigating patients to any appropriate in-person or virtual service. Ada can be integrated into apps, websites, and portals to help educate and empower patients, and support clinicians’ decision-making via the patient record, freeing up doctors’ time to have better conversations.

“Essentially we added hundreds of assessments per day without adding a single doctor to our mix, with the majority rating Ada as highly useful and helpful as they navigated care.”

— Dr. Albert Chan, Vice President & Chief of Digital Patient Experience at Sutter Health


Orbita’s conversational AI platform powers voice, text, email and chatbot-based digital care solutions to support patients during their care journeys, reduce care team workload, and close gaps in care. Providers can deploy HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants and conversational AI to guide patients through the care journey, from a digital front door to continuous follow-up with clinical escalations. Founded in 2015, the Boston-based Orbita attracted Philips Health Technology Ventures and HealthX Ventures as lead investors in its series A round.

“An interesting new acquisition channel for us to gain new patients, which has in fact worked.”

— Harris Hunt, Executive sponsor at Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Mediktor’s white-label SaaS triage solution isn’t just a simple chatbot–it’s a highly accurate AI-powered assistant that emulates clinical conversations, and safely leads patients to the appropriate healthcare services. Patients can check their symptoms online and locate providers in their geographic areas without sifting through reams of questionable information from search engines. Health systems can leverage Mediktor to generate leads and reduce unnecessary utilization.

“A big step into the future of medicine that will provide a more efficient, effective and pleasant experience for our patients.”

 Dr. Ronald Pope, Vice President of Medical Services at Columbia Memorial Health


GYANT specializes in AI-powered virtual assistants to automate touch points along the patient care journey, drive patient satisfaction, and reduce workload for clinical and support staff. The AI-powered Front Door solution acts as a round-the-clock single point of contact to answer questions, triage patients to the appropriate level of care, book appointments, provide referrals, and screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Health systems can more effectively engage with more new and established patients outside of business hours while simultaneously reducing call center overhead and improving clinical efficiency.

“The ease of use and IT integration have been exceptional, making it easy to navigate and utilize the tool. The customer support has been very helpful as well, providing timely assistance whenever needed.”

Adam Artel, Team Leader, Digital Strategy at Bellin Health


Clearstep’s robust clinical and conversational AI assistants integrate with digital front door and digital health platforms to improve outpatient capacity management, patient access, engagement, connectivity, and outcomes. The Virtual Triage solution assesses patients and guides them to the appropriate level of care, in the right care setting, in real time. The Patient Services solution automates routine patient touchpoints to reduce administrative burdens on care teams. Providers can further personalize healthcare management and remote monitoring with the Clinical Journeys solution for post-discharge monitoring and post-diagnosis support.

“Clearstep has enabled us to drive engagement and get patients to the right level of care and venue of care. This has proven to be a win-win scenario for our patients and us.”

— Amber Fencl, SVP Digital Health & Engagement, Chief Digital Health Officer, Novant Health


Andor Health aims to change the way care teams connect and collaborate. By harnessing machine and human intelligence, Andor’s cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams – both inside and outside of their enterprise. By optimizing communication workflows, Andor’s solutions accelerate time to treatment, decrease clinician burnout, and drive better patient outcomes. Built on an AI/ML framework, healthcare institutions and clinicians can self-configure the signals and workflow actions as you would any device connected to the internet and personalize the intelligence they need at the right moment in time to provide better care. Andor Health leverages large language models, including OpenAI/GPT, to guide patients and providers through the virtual experience, to orchestrate virtual workflows across outpatient, inpatient, and at home experiences, to curate data for clinicians to support clinical decision making, and to automate real-time clinical documentation.

“We were able to rapidly transition all of our in-person visits to fully virtual sessions with a complete digital front door and low call abandonment rates.”

 End user at Orlando Internal Medicine


Memora Health’s AI-powered care enablement platform digitizes and automates care journeys — making complex care delivery simple for patients and clinicians to navigate. Memora’s conversational, two-way text support feels as simple as chatting with friends and family, but is backed by powerful AI and natural language processing to intelligently answer common questions about symptoms, medications, and care plan adherence, and triage concerns to the care team directly into the EHR or Memora’s own dashboard.

“Memora has the tools to help us ensure a first-class experience by answering patients’ questions and guiding them each step of the way.”

 Tarun Kapoor, MD, MBA Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Virtua Health


SOAP Health unlocks the power of conversational and generative AI to reduce provider burdens, increase revenue, and enhance the patient experience. SOAP’s patented and clinically validated Ideal Medical AI Assistant™ gathers patient information via tailored conversational clinical interviews, performs a patent-pending combined risk and symptom assessment, and automatically documents encounters in an easy-to-read and edit format. Patients can use the user-friendly voice and visual conversational interface of SOAP on any web-enabled device. This interactive approach allows them to provide comprehensive, accurate, and honest details about their personal and family medical histories.

“Also notable is the degree to which the SOAP Health application resonates with patients and their families.”

Danielle Mask, Medical assistant/scribe working with SOAP Health


Kahun’s clinical reasoning AI engine analyzes data from conversational pre-consultation assessments and delivers dynamic clinical insights that optimize physician time and cognitive burden. Kahun searches more than 30 million mapped medical insights and references all decisions to medical sources, which frees physicians from endless searches and allows them to practice at the top of their licenses. Structured clinical summaries are generated with each interaction and automatically integrated with the patient’s chart.

“[Using Kahun ensures] that [patients] have access to the best information to give them as much information as possible prior to being seen by a provider, and assisting patients and physicians in streamlining the intake process for telemedicine consultations.”

Dr. Jonathan Wiesen, M.D Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at MediOrbis


Avaamo streamlines care delivery throughout the entire patient journey with HIPAA-compliant virtual assistants that deliver personalized attention on demand. With the vast majority of use cases already built and ready to be customized, Avaamo can be deployed quickly on any channel and in any language. According to Avaamo’s internal data, health systems have seen as much as a fivefold increase in capacity and 86 percent decrease in live agent calls with the AvaamoPX virtual assistant.

“Avaamo provides a wide breadth of capabilities supporting chat AI workflows, integrated voice workflows, and SMS-based communications. The platform is flexible yet powerful, and capable of supporting a variety of use cases.”

 A verified IT professional from a medium-sized, AMC, ACO hospital


Syllable is a leading provider of healthcare contact center and medical practice automation solutions using conversational AI. Syllable’s product, the Patient Assistant, is used by both hospitals and practices to intelligently route calls more efficiently and provide for automated transactions like appointment scheduling and prescription refill on the phone. The Patient Assistant also provides rich insights into the end to end call journey for your patients, expanding on current call center metrics to provide a more robust picture of the operational difficulties patients experience on the phone.

“In the first month of the program, […] [experienced] 91% automation rate across all patient intents.”

A verified Executive sponsor working with Syllable Patient Assistant for Hospitals from a large-sized, AMC, ACO hospital


NICE Systems connects all automated and human interactions along the care journey with its EHR-integrated CXOne patient experience solution for providers and payers. The omnichannel customer service tools blend inbound and outbound digital and voice communications with a single consolidated interface and provides better visibility and control over the patient experience. The secure HIPAA-compliant platform can automate workflows for scheduling, billing, referrals, nurse triage, pharmacy, registration, and more.

“Our fast growth would be impossible to handle without CXone. It is the backbone of everything we do, and it has been integral to our success.”

— Martin Jones, Director of Contact Center Operations at BAYADA

More conversational AI companies

Companies in this section did not have any reviews on AVIA Marketplace at the time of publishing. However, based on the number of verified clients we were able to gather, we include them here as other conversational AI companies to consider. They are listed in alphabetical order.


Abax Health

Abax Health’s suite of AI-powered solutions support patients across the care journey, improve relationships between patients and providers, and identify revenue generation opportunities for healthcare enterprises. Abax’s outreach solutions reach out to patients through their preferred digital channels to ensure that they receive the appropriate care when they need it, deliver gentle “nudges,” and engage them in ongoing care management conversations with their physicians. Additional solutions deliver deep financial performance insights and identify opportunities for increased revenue.


Aisera seamlessly automates administrative tasks with a conversational AI solution that allows healthcare enterprises to build, train, and deploy purpose-built chatbots and AI assistants to resolve requests from both patients and staff. Aisera’s platform understands the fluidity of conversations and keeps track of the task at hand, even when users change the subject. Use cases include patient care management, patient support, proactive reminders and payments.


Amelia’s industry-leading conversational AI platform creates positive experiences for every patient with capabilities for more than 100 languages and deep understanding of clinical terms, abbreviations, phrases, and how patients and providers interact. Patients can receive real-time, personalized answers to questions about appointments, benefits coverage, procedure costs, lab results, and more, and can serve as the first point of contact to reduce call volume and relieve staff burdens. Amelia smoothly connects with all EHRs and healthcare systems to complete tasks end-to-end and deliver maximum benefit for patients, providers, and enterprises.

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern’s HIPAA-compliant contact center solution personalizes the patient experience and delivers seamless patient engagement with omnichannel routing and IVR features to escalate to live agents as needed. Automated bot conversations guide patients through their care journeys, and features like sentiment and text analysis boost agent productivity in real time. Built-in quality management features provide deep insights into contact center performance and ensure that best practices are successfully implemented.


Buoy’s digital concierge service focuses on doing just two things well: Helping people figure out their problems and connecting them with the right care. Patients share their symptoms with Buoy’s easy-to-use interface and receive medically accurate guidance for their next steps, whether self-care at home or an urgent clinic visit. Recommendations are delivered alongside insurance information, so users can see which options make the most financial sense.

Curious Thing

Curious Thing’s virtual assistant solution helps providers connect with patients at scale through just about any digital channel. The AI assistant intelligently initiates phone calls, leaves voicemails, answers returned calls, engages in text conversations, emails, instant messages and more. The solution is designed to deploy quickly–within as little as five to 15 business days–and keep pace with organizational growth.



The Drips AI-powered platform enables enterprises to engage with their audiences using a conversational outreach strategy that includes human-like two-way texting, scheduled calling, and voicemail messages. Health systems can reach out with Drips at any point along the patient or member journey, keeping them engaged to encourage satisfaction and retention.


Cloud software provider Five9’s HIPAA-compliant healthcare contact center solution combines high-touch patient engagement with intelligent automation of routine tasks. The Intelligent Virtual Agent offers self-service options with engaging and conversational interactions across voice and text channels, with easy EHR integrations to flow data directly to patient records. Clients can customize the experience to efficiently move patients through efficient and personalized paths across channels and between virtual and live agents.


Infermedica’s configurable medical guidance platform enhances the patient experience and supports clinicians and organizations with the information and tools for meaningful health outcomes. Infermedica triages patients at the onset of symptoms and connects them to care, prepares clinicians for consultations, and uses AI-based reasoning technology to link symptoms with conditions and deliver clinical guidance on the spot. A follow-up module supports patients and clinicians after the visit with post-visit checkups and new symptom analysis.



Interactions provides intelligent virtual agents (IVA) that seamlessly assimilate conversational AI and human understanding so that healthcare enterprises can engage their patients in productive and satisfying interactions. Health systems can leverage IVAs for streamlined self-service options, omnichannel patient engagement, and intelligent billing and payments. Interactions’s contact center solutions also automate data-driven transactions and drive patient satisfaction with shorter average handle time and improved first call resolutions.

K Health

K Health’s intelligent care platform delivers a variety of common health services on demand, including primary care, urgent care, weight management, mental health care, and common pediatric conditions. Advanced AI technology conducts clinical conversations and searches more than 670 million anonymized medical notes to deliver treatment recommendations to licensed clinicians. There are no hidden fees–patients pay a flat fee for each visit or a quarterly fee for unlimited visits.

HealthAssist,’s intelligent digital assistant, delivers a human-like conversational experience through voice and text interactions with patients, providers, members, staff, and other stakeholders across the enterprise. The secure and HIPAA-compliant solution automates repeatable patient-facing interactions, including appointment management and symptom checking. HealthAssist scales easily and natively supports messaging apps like MS Teams and Slack.


Consumer healthcare experience company Loyal’s AI-powered digital engagement software improves access to care, supports administrative efficiency, and drives patient loyalty. Loyal’s platform provides health systems with a complete set of digital front door applications that allow patients to search, chat, schedule, and guide themselves to the answers they are seeking, all while delivering a cohesive brand experience. Loyal’s applications seamlessly integrate with a health system’s website, EHR, CRM, and other digital technologies.


MayaMD’s clinical engine leverages advanced AI to replicate expert insights from leading physicians and information from an extensive database of evidence-based medical knowledge. Their namesake AI health assistant Maya conducts conversational interviews to analyze symptoms and medical history and triage patients to the appropriate care. Prior to patient visits, Maya sends detailed notes to physicians with valuable and time-saving information and clinical recommendations.


The Azure Health Bot service from Microsoft combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities to help healthcare organizations engage patients and improve access to care. Azure integrates medical content from trusted sources to deliver real-time triage and symptom checking, even for complex medical questions. Health systems can customize and configure Azure to their own specific needs and business cases and build from a library of templates for common industry use cases.


Notable’s comprehensive digital front door platform is an AI-powered one-stop shop for registration and intake, scheduling, authorizations, population health, and referrals. The Notable platform easily integrates with source systems and third-party software and automates all patient-facing administrative workflows, dramatically reducing staff workload and speeding access to care. Patients can search, chat, schedule, and guide themselves to the answers they need, all with a cohesive brand experience.

Nuance Communications

Nuance’s AI-powered solutions leverage cutting-edge language processing technologies to ease provider burdens, provide high-level support and engagement for patients, and improve coding and billing accuracy. Frictionless self-service tools enhance customer services and patient access while optimizing use of live agents and reducing staff workloads. Clinical solutions, including ambient clinical intelligence, automated documentation, and diagnostic support, reduce heavy documentation burdens and let providers focus their attention on patients instead of screens.


R1 RCM is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions that transform the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers. RI’s patient experience solution blends scheduling, registration, clearance, intake, and payment into a single application, with self-service tools for even complex diagnostic procedures and automated prior authorizations. Additional financial performance tools automate routine tasks and increase net revenue capture.

Senseforth automates every step of the patient journey while freeing up medical practitioners to focus on delivering the best possible care. Patients can use Senseforth’s healthcare chatbot to book appointments, check symptoms, request prescription refills, and check benefits coverage, while providers can easily access patient charts and refer patients to other providers. During clinical encounters, physicians can easily request specific information and spend more time interacting with patients and less time clicking through complex EHR interfaces.


Steer Health

Steer Health’s AI-driven patient experience tools streamline communications to reduce friction and help patients feel more engaged in their own care. The EHR-integrated Virtual Voice system automates a variety of patient requests and provides 24/7 personalized access. For inpatient stays, Steer Concierge helps patients express their needs to staff and reduce manual follow-up for nurses and hospital staff.


Talkie revolutionizes patient access and eliminates wait times with its AI voice automation solution to improve patient service and increase front desk staff capacity. AI voice assistants help patients manage appointments, and request prescription refills. Phone or text-based triage enables reliable health checks at scale, with multilingual support and clinically validated health assessments.



Uniphore’s namesake platform leverages conversational AI and intelligent automation to boost patient engagement, reduce administrative burdens, and generate significant cost savings. Conversational self-service connects patients with providers and easy appointment scheduling, and engages patients after each visit with daily check-ins and health management tools. Providers can also increase and simplify collections with personalized and empathetic virtual agents.



Xaqt’s flexible AI platform adapts to support patients and care teams across any digital channel, setting, or service line. Conversational AI automates customer interactions with personalized content and routing, drawing on specific knowledge bases and learning with each new interaction. Intelligent virtual agents provide a single source of truth across all channels and integrate with existing systems to handle a variety of tasks.

yellowai’s HIPAA-compliant dynamic automation platform guides patients through the care process with empathetic and personalized conversations and tailored communications to keep them engaged along the way. Provide real-time scheduling availability and seamless referrals, simplify payment processing with dynamic AI agents, and deliver proactive educational content for overall health management. After each visit,’s Conversational Service Cloud can reach out to share post-visit summaries and other important information.

Find your new conversational AI solution.

Conversational AI offers opportunities to dramatically improve low satisfaction rates and reduce negative experiences through timely and personalized patient interactions. These real-time tailored conversations can assist patients throughout their care journeys, from pre-care to follow-ups and ongoing engagement, significantly improving the patient experience. In addition, automated tasks reduce workload on care teams and help health systems scale their services more effectively.

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