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About digital behavioral health

AVIA Marketplace defines digital behavioral health as the ability to leverage digital tools and scale behavioral health services, inclusive of mental health, substance use, and developmental disorders, for individuals of all ages.

Demand for behavioral health services outpaces provider availability and capacity across all acuity levels, populations, and geographic locations. Stigma and reimbursement challenges create additional barriers to care. By building and leveraging digital capabilities, organizations can overcome these common barriers at scale.

Unlike medical or surgical specialties built around procedures, a lot of behavioral health conditions (not all), such as mental health conditions involve assessment by an interview and treatment with medication and psychotherapy. Most, if not all of this, can be done remotely, with quicker response times, greater convenience, and greater access to care than available in traditional office-based practices.

What many of the leading solutions offer:

  • Demonstrated clinical value
  • Analytics to identify and escalate at-risk patients
  • Established billing and reimbursement processes
  • Effective parent and youth consent management
  • Commercial traction in relevant markets
  • History of successful implementations
  • Support for implementation, training, and end users

About this report

The Top Digital Behavioral Health Companies Report is intended to provide healthcare leaders with a broad view of digital patient education and showcase standout companies and solutions with proven market traction. Users can view quick summaries to help them identify which solutions might meet their needs and visit AVIA Marketplace to access detailed profiles and verified client lists, compare solutions, and generate Match Scores to narrow their selections. 

This report is powered by AVIA Marketplace data, and inclusion is based on the number of verified health system clients listed for each company on AVIA Marketplace. Due to confidentiality agreements, vendors may not always be able to provide full lists of clients. 

AVIA Marketplace's top digital behavioral health companies

Silver Cloud

SilverCloud, an Amwell product offering, provides evidence-based behavioral health solutions for a broad spectrum of common conditions, including anxiety and depression, insomnia and sleep issues, chronic illnesses, alcohol abuse, and tools for children and adolescents. Clinical programs pair validated treatment approaches with expert coaching, delivered with an interactive and personalized patient experience. SilverCloud’s solutions can help health systems alleviate strain on behavioral health care teams while extending cost-effective, proactive, accessible care to underserved populations and hesitant patients.

Array Behavioral Care

More than 60 percent of U.S. counties lack a single psychiatrist, and for those where care is available, patients often must wait a month or more for an appointment. Array Behavioral Health aims to eliminate these gaps in care with an array of on-demand telepsychiatry services to support emergency departments, medical and surgical floors, inpatient psychiatric units, at-home care and care in the community. Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and other behavioral health specialists are available around the clock to evaluate patients, provide consultations and prescribe medications.

myStrength by Teladoc Health

With its myStrength mental health solution, Teladoc offers on-demand support and one-on-one human and on-demand digital coaching to help members adopt healthier habits, adhere to care plans and better understand their own health information. Patients who enroll in myStrength receive personalized plans to help them manage mental health conditions and symptoms, and can use the solution to remotely connect with therapists for additional support. myStrength offers evidence-based support for stress, sleep, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, managing emotions, pregnancy and early parenting, and chronic pain.


Designed to help payers and providers fill service gaps and meet demand, Amwell’s Comprehensive Behavioral Health solution offers users access to a large network of psychiatric providers with evidence-based digital mental health content. Virtual Companions can guide patients through assessments, provide guidance between provider visits, and escalate when necessary. Additional evidence-based content, based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, is available through the SilverCloud solution.


With its suite of behavioral health solutions, NeuroFlow provides a purpose-built technology infrastructure to help health systems expand access to behavioral healthcare and reduce costs. The Collaborative Care solution facilitates a team-based approach to mental health care, with risk stratification, virtual triage, and staffing support, while Integrated Care brings behavioral health services directly into primary care offices. When patients in crisis present in the ED, the Suicide Prevention solution can immediately connect them with the appropriate resources and personnel.

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse’s digital health platform supports a handful of impressive behavioral health solutions, including the Homebase for Health digital front door, a mental health solution that connects members with trained coaches and triage resources, educational programming to support mental health goals, and an integrated behavioral health ecosystem that connects Virgin Pulse clients and members with other industry-leading digital behavioral health solutions. With its focus on employee health, Virgin Pulse solutions work well with EAP and other workplace health initiatives.


Noteworth’s modular and scalable virtual care solutions fit seamlessly together to provide a unified data source that improves care coordination and streamlines clinician workflows. The Noteworth platform supports synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine, surveys and forms, patient-reported outcomes, medication tracking, and general or condition-specific patient education and engagement. Health systems can also deploy Noteworth’s transitional care management tools to monitor patients after inpatient stays and avoid preventable readmissions.

Iris Telehealth

Iris Telehealth partners with health systems, community health centers, CCBHCs, and FQHCs to expand and optimize their behavioral health care delivery across the continuum, driving scalable, quality care in a financially sustainable way. Iris Telehealth matches healthcare organizations with the best behavioral health providers for their communities, provides the behavioral health expertise they need to optimize their programs, and delivers best-in-class support to make telepsychiatry a seamless, long-term solution for healthcare organizations and patients. Their services deploy psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, and licensed clinical social workers to support acute, ambulatory, and post-acute patient populations.


OpiSafe’s portfolio of software solutions were created to address the entire life cycle of opioid use, from safe prescribing to addiction treatment. The OpiSafe prescribing solution allows providers to monitor patients and constantly assess the risk of misuse and dependency, and the free smartphone app OpiRescue provides real-time guidance for Naloxone use. An expanded Naloxone solution, OpiRescue HQ, supports government agencies, first responders, and public health departments with Naloxone campaigns.

Even Health

Even Health tackles mental health support for healthcare workers with Cabana, its enterprise-scale digital mental health platform. Cabana collaborates with HR and executive teams to evaluate employee population health needs and create customized support program schedules that align with existing EAP and employee wellness benefits. Employees can connect with peers during scheduled sessions, or complete on-demand content as their schedules allow.


Wellth’s smartphone-based medication and care plan adherence rewards program uses behavioral economics to motivate patients to take their prescribed medications and complete assigned monitoring tasks. Members begin each month with a $30 rewards balance that they can maintain with daily photo uploads of medications and monitoring device readings. Each missed day translates into an automatic $2 deduction until the account hits a minimum balance of zero. At the end of the month, the member’s earned balance is loaded onto a rewards card that can be used like a regular credit or debit card.


MDLive seeks to reduce barriers to behavioral health care and counter provider shortages with its versatile teletherapy and telepsychiatry services. In addition to providing direct patient care in its own virtual clinic, MDLive partners with health systems and health plans to connect patients with necessary services while reducing costs and increasing revenues. MDLive also partners with employers to expand access to care for employees while reducing healthcare costs.

Socially Determined

Socially Determined doesn’t focus on direct patient care in the behavioral health space–instead, its SocialScape platform analyzes vast amounts of data to develop powerful insights into the social determinants of health. The HITRUST-certified platform utilizes proprietary risk scores in areas like finances, food, housing, transportation, health literacy, digital access, and social support to help clients understand how these factors increase costs and worsen outcomes. Clients can generate data insights based on incredibly precise parameters, including sub-neighborhoods and sub-ZIP code level.

Owl Insights

Owl Insights leverages its measurement-based care platform to deliver sophisticated data insights to behavioral health organizations with the goal of expanding access, improving outcomes, and preparing for value-based care. Health systems can leverage the platform to standardize care across the enterprise and reduce clinician burden. Risk stratification and automated triage tools help community mental health centers identify patients with the most pressing needs and connect them with the appropriate resources.

Upfront Healthcare

Upfront is a mission-driven healthcare company, delivering tangible outcomes to leading healthcare enterprises. Upfront's patient engagement platform makes each patient feel seen, guiding their care experience through hyper-personalized omnichannel outreach. The backbone of the Upfront experience is the platform, which analyzes clinical and patient-reported data fused with psychographic segmentation and behavioral science to activate patients to complete necessary care, show up for visits, and close any gaps in care. Upfront is rooted in partnership, leveraging best-in-class healthcare expertise to maximize the impact of its technology to deliver a next-generation patient experience.


LifeXT’s mindfulness programs, available for individuals and companies, provide a truly customizable experience with fully bespoke offerings or a la carte options. Employers can engage their workforce with LifeXT’s licensed content to promote resiliency and focus in the workplace. Individuals can benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching, professional development coursework, and mindfulness tools to build their compassion and empathy.

Paloma Health

Paloma Health provides full-spectrum care for hypothyroidism that includes testing, virtual visits and medication management, and personalized attention for common symptoms like depression or sleep problems. Instead of the traditional episodic model of care for hypothyroidism, Paloma offers constant monitoring and real-time medication and care plan adjustment to meet the changing needs of patients. In addition to medical monitoring, users can access personalized nutrition guidance and on-demand coaching to pinpoint dietary triggers and nutrient deficiencies and support healthy behaviors.


DynamiCare’s digital coaching platform provides coaching and real-time support to help individuals achieve health goals related to drugs, opioids, alcohol, and tobacco. Connected testing devices allow users to complete breath and saliva tests anytime, and a mobile app automatically tracks treatment attendance to provide accountability and support. DynamiCare blends these intelligent accountability tools with person-to-person support via weekly calls with telehealth recovery coaches.

Omada Health

With its focus on mindset change and prevention, Omada leverages cutting-edge behavior science to empower people with chronic health conditions to affect meaningful change in their health and lives. Solutions span diabetes and prediabetes, hypertension, and musculoskeletal, with content delivery that goes beyond simple nudges and instead coaches users through sustainable plans and milestone goals. Omada embeds behavioral health support within all of its chronic care interventions, with regular assessment for anxiety and depression, resources and referrals, cognitive behavioral therapy-based approaches to stress management and sleep, and triage for high-risk patients.


The U.S. faces a dire shortage of therapists who specialize in children, but Manatee Health’s teletherapy solutions work to close that gap with teletherapy and gamified treatment plans for kids and their families. Manatee’s virtual therapy platform connects patients with qualified therapists and provides goal-setting and progress tracking support through the Manatee app. For parents, a separate coaching plan provides tools and strategies to connect with children and support their treatment.


PointClickCare is a leading healthcare technology platform enabling meaningful collaboration and access to real‐time insights at every stage of the patient healthcare journey. More than 27,000 long‐term and post‐acute care providers, over 3,100 hospitals and health systems, 2,200 ambulatory clinics, every major U.S. health plan across the U.S, and over 70 state and Government agencies use PointClickCare, enabling care collaboration and value‐based care delivery for millions across North America.

Sidekick Health

Sidekick Health’s namesake digital therapeutic solution provides an interactive health coach–called the Sidekick–to people living with a variety of chronic health conditions and comorbidities. With its Adaptive CarePaths model, Sidekick creates tailored care journeys that appeal to emotion to help drive positive health decisions. The platform’s evidence-based approach draws from acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral economics and other clinically validated methodologies, and multiple levels of support are available to customize solutions for individual customers.

Arcade Therapeutics

Previously known as Wise Therapeutics, Arcade works to improve mental health with therapeutic gaming. Arcade recently launched StarStarter Rx, a mobile game that uses the cognitive training technique Attention Bias Modification (ABM) to treat social anxiety disorder. StarStarter is currently being investigated as a cognitive behavioral therapy prior to FDA submission. The company's development pipeline includes gamified digital therapeutics for depression, anxiety, and addiction.


Quartet’s mental healthcare network matches patients with care that fits their preferences, clinical needs, and insurance coverage. Patients can access Quartet directly at no additional cost to them, or clinicians can leverage the provider network to connect their patients with the appropriate services and remotely track their treatment progress.In addition to internal or external referrals, Quartet provides real-time consultations with network psychiatrists to help manage medications and offers screening tools to identify patients in need of support.

Headspace Health

Headspace’s digital therapeutic solution Ginger provides on-demand mental health support with text-based coaching, video therapy and psychiatry, and personalized self-guided care resources. Support is available 24/7, with evening and weekend sessions for therapists and psychiatrists, multi-channel access, and trauma-informed care that is inclusive of a variety of populations. In addition to Ginger, Headspace’s namesake solutions offer mindfulness-based mental health support for individuals and employers.

Big Health

Big Health’s digital therapeutic solutions offer clinically validated non-drug treatment options for sleep and anxiety with no prescription necessary. Sleepio delivers personalized content and guidance for patients with sleep difficulties, completed in about 20 minutes per week. The anxiety solution Daylight teaches evidence-based anxiety management techniques, customized to address each patient’s unique anxiety features.


Akili’s EndeavorRx digital therapeutic solution is the first FDA-authorized prescription video game treatment, designed to improve symptoms in children with inattentive or combined-type ADHD. Approved for children ages eight through 12, EndeavorRx leverages the engagement power of video games to deliver sensory and motor stimuli that activates specific areas of the brain. Over the course of treatment, this repeated activation generates physiological changes in the brain that can improve cognitive function.


Talkspace’s integrated mental health platform offers affordable video, text messaging, and phone therapy with licensed therapists for individuals, couples, and teens, plus telepsychiatry services including evaluations and medication management. Employers can invest in Talkspace EAP services to support employee mental health, and payers or brokers can use it as a cost-effective behavioral health option. Talkspace providers are available in all 50 states, with expertise in more than 150 areas.


With MediKeeper’s Wellness Portal, customers can customize a white-labeled wellness portal to support employee and member health. Platform modules include dynamic risk assessments, wellness challenges, digital coaching and video content, incentive programming, and more, plus flexible third-party integrations to allow users to access all wellness and benefits programs with a single sign-on. In addition to full branding customization, the Wellness Portal offers real-time reporting, a fitness tracker with over 100 supported devices, gamified challenges, and ultra-fast deployment.


School-based healthcare is a critical resource for low-income and uninsured youth who may otherwise lack access to essential preventive services. Hazel expands school-based services with its unique telehealth model, which connects students with scheduled teletherapy visits and same-day pediatric care. After each visit, Hazel follows up with legal guardians and directs families to local care and other resources when needed.


Lucet, formerly known as New Directions Behavioral Health and Tridiuum, offers a proprietary care coordination platform and tech enabled services that close care gaps, connect patients with the right behavioral health providers, and track patient progress throughout the care journey. To match with the appropriate provider, members complete a digital assessment with support from on-call case managers and clinicians whenever necessary. Lucet’s proprietary technology immediately matches the patient with the appropriate provider, with appointments available as soon as one day after the initial contact.

CHESS Health

CHESS addresses substance use disorder with a suite of solutions designed for public sector, provider, and payer customers. Connections, an evidence-based smartphone app for patients, offers round-the-clock community support, virtual support meetings and crisis intervention, and cognitive behavioral therapy lessons that are proven to improve treatment outcomes. A closed-loop referral system, eIntervention, includes a provider finder with smart search functionality, referral management tools, a needs assessment tool, and a text-based outreach service. ePrevention makes it easier to screen patients and connect at-risk individuals with timely interventions to reduce the onset of SUD.

Bright Heart Health

Bright Heart Health isn’t a telemedicine service with a network of providers–it’s a full virtual clinic with complete treatment programs for an array of behavioral and mental health conditions. Its opioid use disorder program is the first nationwide telemedicine treatment program, and includes video visits with the care team and medication-assisted treatment. The virtual eating disorder intensive outpatient treatment program delivers a minimum of 11 hours of treatment each week with interdisciplinary care teams that include psychologists, therapists, clinicians, dietitians, and psychiatrists. In addition, its mental health disorders program provides outpatient care for mood, personality, and other conditions, with low-threshold care for patients after hospital discharge.

Credible Mind

Developed for employers, health systems, health departments and payers, CredibleMind’s white-labeled digital behavioral health platform engages users with evidence-based self-care interventions, delivered in their preferred formats. Health systems can deploy CredibleMind to support patients and combat staff burnout and turnover. As a community resource, CredibleMind can improve access to information and resources, reduce risks for chronic conditions, and instantly deliver self-care resources for at-risk individuals.


By combining the multi-dimensional sensing capabilities of mobile phones with the power of embedded and cloud computing platforms and novel AI algorithms, the company continuously, objectively, and passively measures mental health status. The company is realizing the vision of precision medicine for mental health by anticipating clinical deterioration before it reaches crisis proportions and by delivering personalized, just-in-time interventions based on each patient's own behavioral profile. Based on 966 peer reviewed papers between the four co-founder scientists, the company addresses at the root cause the dual crises of insufficient access to mental health care and lack of measurement to assess intervention effectiveness.

Jaspr Health

Co-designed with suicide experts, survivors, and leading health systems, Jaspr Health supports ED staff and patients with standardized evidence-based suicide care at scale. An automated digital assistant collects suicide risk assessment data, helps patients draft safety plans in advance, and provides clinical decision support aids for providers. Patient-facing content includes coping skills to mitigate distress and support recovery, inspirational messages from people with lived experience, and ongoing support with the Jaspr at Home mobile app.

Bamboo Health

Bamboo’s behavioral health solutions work across the care continuum, with solutions for inpatient and outpatient treatment, emergency care, care coordination and community resources and referrals. The OpenBeds solution matches patients in real time to residential treatment beds and provides critical visibility into wait times for an array of services. For patients in crisis, the Crisis Management System expedites treatment and tracks progress between call centers, mobile response teams, and providers. Behavioral health-specific care coordination delivers real-time patient data insights at the point of care, and Treatment Connection provides open access to assessments, educational resources, and treatment options.


Marigold Health

Marigold Health’s anonymous social network exists to reduce the stigma of mental health and substance use disorders and help people living with these conditions feel connected and supported. Members begin their Marigold journey with calls from recovery coaches, who help create concrete plans to achieve recovery goals with available resources. During their care journey, peers can participate in anonymous text support groups with other Marigold members across the country to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Find your new digital behavioral health solution.

Digital behavioral health solutions can fill in care gaps, drive patient satisfaction, and expand workforce capacity to help health systems reduce barriers to care and fulfill equity pledges. The leading behavioral health solutions offer clinically validated, cost-effective, and accessible care for patients at scale, with demonstrated return on investment for organizations and communities. 

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