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About digital therapeutics​

Digital therapeutics, also called DTx, is a digital capability that exists within the broader category of digital medicine. DTx solutions are evidence-based, clinically validated and scalable software applications used to treat, manage, and/or prevent a variety of diseases and disorders in order to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. In addition, solutions are provider-prescribed, include privacy and security protections, and have received approval from the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Essential capabilities for an effective digital therapeutic solution include patient-centered design, proven clinical utility and evidence, and seamless integration with health systems, which is important for workflows and adoption. These features support scalability and the ability to demonstrate ongoing positive health outcomes.

What many of the leading solutions offer:

  • Multimodal delivery options that allow patients to choose how to engage
  • Personalized care plans that deliver customizable treatment
  • Connected FDA-approved devices as needed to monitor specific conditions
  • Real-time data collection and response with AI-driven coaching
  • Integration and interoperability with EHR and other relevant software

About this report

The Top Digital Therapeutics Companies Report is intended to provide healthcare leaders with a broad view of digital patient education and showcase standout companies and solutions with proven market traction. Users can view quick summaries to help them identify which solutions might meet their needs and visit AVIA Marketplace to access detailed profiles and verified client lists, compare solutions, and generate Match Scores to narrow their selections. 

This report is powered by AVIA Marketplace data, and inclusion is based on the number of verified health system clients listed for each company on AVIA Marketplace. Due to confidentiality agreements, vendors may not always be able to provide full lists of clients. 

AVIA Marketplace's top digital therapeutics companies


The health data aggregation platform Xealth is designed to make digital care delivery simpler and generate key data insights to improve care and inform digital strategy. By centralizing digital health tools into a single formulary within the EHR, Xealth makes it easier for clinicians to prescribe digital therapeutics and monitor patient progress while also reducing the burden for IT staff. Xealth can generate key enterprise-level data insights to show how digital care is prescribed and how patients interact with solutions. Health systems can match this data against clinical outcomes information to identify strengths and weaknesses, make necessary changes, and evolve clinical strategy.

Livongo by Teladoc Health

The chronic care management program Livongo, by Teladoc Health, offers on-demand support and one-on-one human and digital coaching to help members adopt healthier habits, adhere to care plans and better understand their own health information. The program, which members enroll in through their thypertension solution, weight management/diabetes prevention, mental health support and heart failure management. Smart monitoring devices pair with the Livongo app, which analyzes health data to provide personalized support and interventions.


SilverCloud, an Amwell product offering, provides evidence-based behavioral health solutions for a broad spectrum of common conditions, including anxiety and depression, insomnia and sleep issues, chronic illnesses, alcohol abuse, and tools for children and adolescents. Clinical programs pair validated treatment approaches with expert coaching, delivered with an interactive and personalized patient experience. SilverCloud’s solutions can help health systems alleviate strain on behavioral health care teams while extending cost-effective, proactive, accessible care to underserved populations and hesitant patients.


Biofourmis’s care delivery platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to interpret and analyze physiologic data to support clinical judgment and deliver a wide spectrum of remote care services, from chronic care management to hospital at home. The Care platform supports numerous clinically validated monitoring devices, with disease-specific, customizable care pathways to and an analytics engine that “learns” patient baselines through data collection and significantly reduces false positive alerts. Patients stay engaged and informed about their care through the patient app, which provides task reminders, tracks symptoms through questionnaires, delivers educational content and tracks care plan adherence.

Propeller Health

Propeller’s asthma and COPD control solutions aim to improve care plan adherence and reduce preventable utilization with sensors to track inhaler usage, personalized coaching, and interactive tools for patients to track symptoms and triggers. Patients are empowered to self-manage their illness with medication use data, personalized education, and tools to cultivate healthy habits. Clinicians can monitor data across an entire patient panel, with notifications for at-risk patients and key insights into care plan compliance and health status.


Prosoma’s Living Well digital therapeutics platform uses cognitive behavioral therapy and other approaches to provide mental health support for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Designed primarily to address the needs of female patients immediately after a cancer diagnosis, Living Well delivers content through 22 short lessons, provides useful exercises such as breathing and mindfulness, and collects patient-reported data on stress and emotions. In addition to education and exercises, patients have access to a large resource library that includes articles, Q&As, patient stories, and podcasts.


Riva’s smartphone-based care program provides intensive hypertension management from a team of clinicians and health coaches. Designed to accommodate even complex cardiology patients, Riva combines remote monitoring with virtual physician visits, medication management, and personalized coaching to bring blood pressure under control more rapidly and prevent complications. The Riva care team collaborates with each patient to create a tailored care plan, with regular updates and progress reports sent to the prescribing physician.


Welldoc’s comprehensive chronic care platform provides integrated behavioral health support for patients with pre-diabetes and diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure. The AI–powered platform collects and analyzes patient data from multiple sources and devices and delivers personalized real-time coaching to help patients make better health decisions each day and stay engaged in their care. Actionable data insights empower clinicians to make informed decisions and deliver timely interventions and can be used at the population level to improve chronic care programs and more effectively allocate resources.

Headspace Health

Headspace’s digital solution Ginger provides on-demand mental health support with text-based coaching, video therapy and psychiatry, and personalized self-guided care resources. Support is available 24/7, with evening and weekend sessions for therapists and psychiatrists, multi-channel access, and trauma-informed care that is inclusive of a variety of populations. In addition to Ginger, Headspace’s namesake solutions offer mindfulness-based mental health support for individuals and employers.

Kaia Health

Kaia Health’s digital MSK solution offers patients 24/7 access to clinical-grade exercise therapy through their mobile devices. The AI-powered platform uses smartphone or tablet cameras to analyze movement and guide patients through proper exercise form while providing real-time feedback–no wearable sensors required. Each member receives virtual coaching to guide them through the therapy process, with escalations to virtual visits with Kaia’s physical therapy team and in-person physical therapy. Additional personalized relaxation and educational content supports patients with the psychological impact of chronic pain.



Sweetch combats the costly issue of care plan nonadherence with automated and highly personalized recommendations to guide patients through small and achievable goals as they navigate their care journeys. The platform’s predictive analytics function leverages remote monitoring data, patient-reported outcomes, and behavioral data to generate key insights and ensure that patients receive the right content at the right time and through the right channels for them. Sweetch offers interventions across 12 health domains for multiple chronic conditions and comorbidities, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and oncology.


Designed for health plans, employers, and individuals, Lark offers 24/7 digital coaching to members as they work to improve lifestyle risk factors and develop sustainable healthy habits. Lark’s mobile app, available on Apple or Android, provides personalized coaching plans and insights to users and connects them with appropriate resources for additional information or care. In addition to solutions for diabetes prevention, diabetes care, and hypertension, Lark offers a wellness and prevention program for general health promotion.

Sidekick Health

Sidekick Health’s namesake digital therapeutics program provides an interactive health coach–called the Sidekick–to people living with a variety of chronic health conditions and comorbidities. With its Adaptive CarePaths model, Sidekick creates tailored care journeys that appeal to emotion to help drive positive health decisions. The platform’s evidence-based approach draws from acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral economics and other clinically validated methodologies, and multiple levels of support are available to customize solutions for individual customers.


Vida utilizes clinically proven behavioral health interventions and machine learning technology to connect users with providers and engage them with treatment programs that combine regular coaching or therapy sessions with app-based personalized interventions. Designed for enterprise use, Vida screens members for multiple conditions, including diabetes, depression, anxiety, and hypertension, and matches them immediately with appropriate providers. Vida offers cardiometabolic, mental health, and musculoskeletal programs, each with customizable pathways that can be combined as needed for individuals.


DarioHealth’s unified digital therapeutics platform supports positive behavior change for users with one or more chronic illnesses, with an integrated approach that treats related conditions–such as diabetes and depression–at the same time. Dario delivers personalized digital interactions with engaging tools and easy-to-use monitoring devices, along with human support and referrals to higher levels of care. Solutions include metabolic, behavioral health, and musculoskeletal conditions.



Mahana’s initial digital therapeutic offering, Mahana IBS, offers a behavioral health approach to the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with clinically validated effectiveness for all IBS subtypes (D, C, and M). With cognitive behavioral therapy–the most studied behavioral health intervention for IBS–Mahana helps patients develop key skills to relax, manage stress and strong emotions, and improve their eating habits over 90 days with daily lessons that last 10 to 15 minutes each. Another DTx solution, Mahana for Tinnitus, is currently in clinical trials.


Akili’s EndeavorRx digital therapeutic solution is the first FDA-authorized prescription video game treatment, designed to improve symptoms in children with inattentive or combined-type ADHD. Approved for children ages eight through 12, EndeavorRx leverages the engagement power of video games to deliver sensory and motor stimuli that activates specific areas of the brain. Over the course of treatment, this repeated activation generates physiological changes in the brain that can improve cognitive function.

Rocket VR Health

The Boston-based Rocket VR Health delivers therapeutic experiences and programming with an immersive virtual reality experience to boost patient engagement and improve outcomes. The platform applies scientifically validated meditation and therapeutic approaches in self-guided or facilitated sessions while patients experience fully-embodied digital environments that transport them away from their normal settings. Rocket offers on-demand therapy sessions and gamified cognitive behavioral therapy, and over 20 environments for users to choose from.


MedRhythms, the first prescription music platform, works to improve outcomes and reduce falls and other complications for patients with rhythmic auditory stimulation (RAS), a clinically proven approach to improve walking and mobility impairments with neurological causes. During each treatment session, patients clip sensors to their shoes and walk to a specific beat while the MedRhythms app collects data, assesses the patient’s progress, and provides additional auditory stimuli to help them move toward specific clinical goals.

Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics designed its platform around its proprietary Click Neurobehavioral Intervention approach, with a suite of targeted products to promote behavior change for a variety of health conditions. Click’s smoking cessation solution, Clickotine, offers more effective engagement than other leading smoking cessation apps, with controlled breathing exercises, financial incentives, digital diversions and care plan adherence tools. Other solutions in the pipeline include Clickadian for insomnia and Clickheart for acute coronary syndrome.

Blue Note Therapeutics

Blue Note Therapeutics is unique among DTx companies for its singular focus on improving mental health for cancer patients and survivors, a population with high rates of psychosocial distress, anxiety, and depression. Blue Note uses cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM), an evidence-based approach adapted from cognitive behavioral therapy. Their oncology-specific digital therapeutic program, Attune, is the first digital therapeutic program designed to treat anxiety and depression symptoms related to cancer and received Breakthrough Device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in June of 2020.


AppliedVR’s virtual reality platform provides patients with drug-free alternatives to manage chronic pain, which affects more than 100 million Americans. The RelieVRx solution, previously called EaseVRx, is the first immersive virtual reality intervention approved to treat chronic pain. Patients can easily engage with a sensory rich virtual environment that includes visuals, sounds and sensations, and provokes a measurable physiological response with immediate relief for acute episodes.


Paloma Health

Paloma Health provides full-spectrum care for hypothyroidism that includes testing, virtual visits and medication management, as well as nutritional guidance and ongoing text message-based support. Instead of the traditional episodic model of care for hypothyroidism, Paloma offers constant monitoring and real-time medication and care plan adjustment to meet the changing needs of patients. In addition to medical monitoring, users can access personalized nutrition guidance and on-demand coaching to pinpoint dietary triggers and nutrient deficiencies and support healthy behaviors.

Find your new digital therapeutic solution.

Digital therapeutics can improve outcomes, drive patient satisfaction, and expand workforce capacity to help health systems reduce barriers to care and fulfill equity pledges. The leading digital therapeutics meet patients where they are to deliver evidence-based care and personalized engagement that are robust enough to deliver meaningful results with some of today’s most pressing and costly health challenges. 

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