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What is digitally-assisted provider documentation?

Digitally-assisted provider documentation solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies to deliver real-time support during the documentation process in order to reduce care team burden, improve clinical documentation quality at the point of care, avoid common deficiencies, and ensure accurate coding. 

The vendor landscape encompasses a broad array of solutions with varying levels of human involvement, from traditional in-person scribes to manually document encounters to fully automated AI-driven documentation solutions. Vendors and solutions exist within four overlapping sub-categories: 

  1. Traditional in-person scribe services. These companies provide medical scribes to document clinical encounters, transcribe dictation, and assist with patient throughput. Providers can easily customize documentation to their preferences. 
  2. Virtual/remote scribe solutions. Virtual solutions securely connect providers with remote scribes during clinical encounters to complete EHR documentation in real time. 
  3. Tech-Enabled Human (HITL). Human in the loop (HITL) solutions assist users with tools such as real-time clinical support, natural language processing, and ambient clinical documentation. Providers initiate encounters and some customization options may be available. 
  4. Intelligent Documentation (HOTL). Human out of the loop (HOTL) solutions capture clinical conversations to generate real-time notes within the EHR. HOTL solutions are entirely tech-driven, with no human involvement and minimal or no customization options. 

The above Market Map was created in partnership with the AVIA Insights team. For a view of the landscape inclusive of company self-categorization, see AVIA Marketplace.

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have already fueled a wave of new healthcare-grade products, and speed to adoption will continue to increase. But AI will never replace humans in healthcare–it lacks our capacity for critical thinking, empathy, and creative problem-solving. Its real value comes from its ability to reduce burdens, find and analyze information, and augment the provider experience.

Introduction to the report

The Top Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation Companies Report is a resource designed to guide healthcare professionals in their quest for exceptional workforce solutions. This report offers perspective on prominent provider documentation companies as reflected in the client reviews gathered on AVIA Marketplace and presents a selection of leading-edge solutions and companies.

This report is organized around client reviews that provide insight into the impact these solutions have had with the organizations they work with and include concise summaries that could assist in pinpointing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our AVIA Marketplace serves as an additional resource, facilitating access to detailed company profiles, verified client lists, comparison of various solutions, and Match Scores to streamline your selection process. For even greater depth, AVIA experts are available through a Marketplace Product Review (for digital health solutions) and AVIA Membership (for hospitals and health systems). Ready to learn more? Send us a note!

Our methodology

The data that powers this report stems directly from the AVIA Marketplace, informed by reviews and by the number of verified health system clients associated with each company featured in the marketplace. In observance of confidentiality agreements, the complete client lists may not always be available from vendors.

Please note that the data presented is dynamic and subject to change over time. Therefore, we advise that decisions drawn from this information should be made judiciously, backed by thorough consideration.

AVIA's perspective and report limitations

Please note that this information does not reflect the opinions or views of AVIA as a whole, or AVIA Advisory Services. Rather, it reflects data captured on AVIA Marketplace at a point in time. This data is subject to change over time.

We at AVIA acknowledge the diverse strategies hospitals employ when selecting technologies. The reviews herein can offer valuable insight, but we also encourage considering other factors, like EMR integration, experience with clients similar to your organization, or overall market presence, which may prove pivotal in decision-making. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive analysis on these other aspects as well.

Our unique Product Grid, powered by our proprietary Match Score, is a useful tool to consider in your evaluation process. This methodology ensures that the products featured not only meet the buyer’s specific requirements but also exhibit solid market establishment.

Top-rated Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation companies

The top-rated Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation companies were the most-reviewed within their product category.


DeepScribe’s AI scribe automates medical documentation for doctors. Through an easy-to-use mobile app, DeepScribe ambiently captures patient visits as they happen and then writes complete, billable documentation directly within a clinician’s electronic health record system. From small private practices to large healthcare organizations, DeepScribe has helped clinicians of all kinds reduce burnout, improve patient care, and increase revenue.

“DeepScribe has been amazing for my office and my patients. I can not imagine going back to writing notes. Definitely an integral part of the future of medicine.”

– Dr. Everald Manning Primary Care


Augmedix is at the forefront of delivering industry-leading, ambient medical documentation and data solutions to healthcare systems, physician practices, hospitals, and telemedicine practitioners. With a mission to facilitate a human connection at the point of care through seamless technology, Augmedix empowers clinicians and patients alike. Their proprietary Notebuilder Platform employs advanced technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models. By extracting relevant data from natural clinician-patient conversations in real time, Augmedix converts it into accurate medical notes, seamlessly transferred to the EHR. By alleviating clinicians’ administrative burden, Augmedix’s products reduce burnout, enhance satisfaction, and elevate patient care. Moreover, Augmedix leverages the power of point-of-care data to deliver actionable insights, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.

“The Augmedix platform is extremely valuable, especially in the emergency department. It supports the important work of keeping patients moving and capturing key details from the natural patient conversation that would otherwise be impossible for clinicians during busy shifts. ”

– Dr. Jeffery Davies


Suki is a leading technology company that is revolutionizing healthcare with its AI-powered voice solutions. With a mission to reimagine the healthcare tech stack, Suki aims to make it invisible and assistive, relieving physicians of the administrative burden they face. At the forefront of their offerings is Suki Assistant, an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant that significantly accelerates documentation and other administrative tasks, with an average time savings of 76%. Suki also provides the Suki Speech Platform, a proprietary voice platform that enables partners.

“Not only did Suki increase the quality of my time with patients, but it also improved the quality of my notes. The level of detail in my Suki notes has improved decision making during surgery as well as with post-op care.”

– Dr. Alex Ereso, Plastic Surgery


ScribeAmerica has played a pivotal role in transforming the utilization of medical scribes in the healthcare industry. While the concept of medical scribe utilization has been informally reported since the 1970s, ScribeAmerica emerged in 2003 and turned this cottage operation into a thriving national industry. Their innovative approach demonstrated the potential synergy of the Scribe/MD/EMR model to overcome productivity losses faced by unassisted physicians using electronic medical records (EMR). In 2008, ScribeAmerica became the first scribe company to provide services on both coasts and the sole scribe company present at prominent events such as ACEP, AAOS, and SHM. Their success can be attributed to their unique profit-sharing business model, which rewards the actual Project Leaders managing client programs. By fostering employee enfranchisement, ScribeAmerica ensures limited attrition among management and attracts top talent to run your program.

“Bottom line – reduced documentation time means savings of $40,000 from staff reductions, more time at the bedside with patients focused on top-of-license care, and improved provider satisfaction.”

– A verified Executive sponsor from an extra small-sized hospital.


Nuance offers a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, enabling clinicians to dedicate more time to patient care. Their healthcare solutions are responsible for capturing and communicating over 300 million patient stories annually, benefiting more than 500,000 clinicians in 10,000 healthcare organizations globally. With a range of award-winning products including clinical speech recognition, medical transcription, CDI, coding, quality, and diagnostic imaging solutions, Nuance provides a comprehensive and accurate view of patient care. This holistic perspective drives meaningful clinical and financial outcomes, empowering healthcare providers to deliver enhanced patient experiences. By leveraging Nuance’s advanced technology, clinicians can focus on what truly matters—caring for their patients.

“The workflow is right for our physicians. Everything they need is in one place and it produces better outcomes.”

– Mike Nelson, Chief Information Officer, at Universal Health Services


AQuity Solutions specializes in delivering best-in-class documentation, coding, and revenue cycle solutions to enable smarter healthcare. Recognized as a leader in the industry, AQuity Solutions helps healthcare organizations improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Their comprehensive suite of solutions enables healthcare providers to enhance their documentation processes, optimize coding practices, and streamline revenue cycle management. AQuity Solutions empowers healthcare organizations with the tools they need to succeed in today’s complex healthcare landscape.

“I’ve been a virtual scribe for 8 years, and working with them – I love it”

– A verified End user from a small-sized, AMC, ACO hospital


Ambience AutoScribe introduces a fully automated AI medical scribe solution that captures the intricacies of provider-patient conversations in real-time, generating comprehensive notes. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Ambience AutoScribe eliminates the need for manual documentation, enabling providers to focus more on patient care. By automating the process of capturing and summarizing medical conversations, Ambience AutoScribe enhances efficiency and accuracy, facilitating streamlined workflows and improved patient experiences.

“It feels like I made a clone of myself and my clone is taking my notes for me”

– Lynn Noyce, Nurse Practitioner at Pine Park Health


Abridge is an AI-powered solution that summarizes medical conversations into comprehensive clinical documentation. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Abridge extracts key information from medical conversations and generates concise summaries that capture critical details. This technology streamlines the process of creating clinical documentation, saving time for healthcare professionals while ensuring accurate and comprehensive records. Abridge enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of medical communication, empowering healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care.

“Abridge is as game-changing for medicine as the stethoscope. They have redefined how doctors work, helping them leave earlier while also improving patient care.”

– Dr. Gregory Ator, CMIO & Surgeon at University of Kansas Health System


Regard introduces an AI-powered clinical co-pilot that revolutionizes the way physicians diagnose patients and write notes. With Regard, clinicians save an average of 2-3 hours per day, enabling them to allocate more time to patient care. Not only does each provider generate an additional $100,000 in revenue annually, but hospitals also experience remarkable revenue improvement, ranging from $3-6 million from just their first department on Regard. Physicians rave about the software, recognizing its ability to enhance patient care and streamline workflows. Regard’s cutting-edge technology transforms the healthcare experience for both clinicians and patients.

“It will be much better when we are all using Regard”

– Dr. O’Rourke, Hospitalist at Penn Medicine

*Note that Regard may better fit in a Clinical Automation category but is also listed here based on relevance and reviews gathered

More Digitally-Assisted Provider Documentation companies

Companies in this section did not have any reviews on AVIA Marketplace at the time of publishing. However, based on the number of verified clients we were able to gather, we include them here as other provider documentation companies to consider. They are listed in alphabetical order.

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing)

3M operates as a diversified technology company, manufacturing an extensive range of products across various industries. Their vast portfolio encompasses adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental and orthodontic products, electronic materials, medical products, car-care products, electronic circuits, and optical films. Serving markets in industrial and transportation, healthcare, safety, security and protection services, consumer and office, display and graphics, as well as electro and communications businesses, 3M is a global player. With operations in over 65 countries and a wide network of manufacturing facilities and laboratories, 3M's products are available worldwide through distributors, retailers, and online channels. The company's commitment to innovation has fueled their growth since their founding in 1902.


Arintra offers a plug-and-play software solution designed to reduce the documentation burden within Electronic Health Records (EHR). With Arintra, providers save over two hours per day as the software auto-populates 87% of clinical notes using patient-reported data. Additionally, Arintra saves 10 minutes per patient for staff members and increases practice revenue by $75,000 annually. Visit for a free interactive demo and experience the benefits firsthand.


Athreon specializes in providing solutions that integrate cybersecurity and speech-to-text services. Their approach combines human expertise with innovative artificial intelligence to deliver measurable improvements in organizational profitability and performance. Athreon's solutions aim to reduce costs, mitigate business risks, eliminate inefficiencies and delays, and enhance quality and productivity, ultimately delivering maximum return on investment.


BetterConsult is a health tech company dedicated to improving the doctor-patient encounter and helping doctors provide high-quality clinical care. They have developed a digital pre-consultation tool that asks patients questions similar to those asked by doctors. The tool converts patient answers into key clinical information, including History of Present Illness (HPI), Medications, Review of Systems (ROS), and Past Medical, Family, and Social History (PFSH). BetterConsult's tool is utilized in both telehealth and in-person encounters, and they have also incorporated a COVID-19 risk assessment to assist providers in assessing patients' current health status. With their focus on time-saving and cost-saving solutions, BetterConsult aims to empower doctors to prioritize patient care.

Clinical Scribes, LLC

Clinical Scribes LLC was founded by an emergency department physician in 2007. Initially recruiting local college students to assist with documentation, the company has grown since then, never losing sight of its purpose: improving the lives of healthcare providers while investing in the lives of its employees. With a small staff and personalized management style, Clinical Scribes distinguishes itself from other medical scribe companies. They offer competitive pricing with no start-up costs and some of the lowest hourly rates in the industry. Their flexible three-month rolling contract provides customers the freedom to discontinue scribe services at any time, without cancellation fees. Clinical Scribes has a highly experienced crew of scribes, some with up to seven years of experience in training medical scribes.


Crescendo Systems

With over 30 years of experience, Crescendo Systems is a leading developer of digital voice and electronic documentation solutions. They have been at the forefront of innovation in digital dictation and transcription, multi-site systems, and streaming voice technologies. Today, Crescendo continues to drive progress in clinical documentation improvement and speech recognition technologies, including custom-built medical lexicons. Their solutions aim to improve workflow and promote efficiency in healthcare settings, supporting the evolving needs of healthcare professionals.

Helix Scribe Solutions

Helix Scribe Solutions offers highly qualified and trained personnel to serve as medical scribes in various medical settings. With a focus on excellent training, high-caliber scribes, and a commitment to quality, Helix Scribe Solutions was developed by a group of forward-thinking Emergency Department physicians seeking to address the impact of EMR on provider efficiency metrics. Since their establishment, Helix Scribe Solutions has expanded its operations, as more providers recognize the benefits of utilizing scribes to improve their professional lives.

Hello Rache

Hello Rache is a leading virtual assistant service that specializes in assisting doctors and medical professionals. Their services are designed to improve workflow, save time, and enhance revenue by alleviating the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other administrative tasks. With a unique blend of medical scribe and virtual assistant support, Hello Rache offers a range of valuable services, including live virtual in-room charting, referrals, phone call management, medical transcription, and more. Their virtual assistants are trained in HIPAA compliance and undergo thorough vetting processes. Hello Rache provides flexible pricing at $9.50 per hour with no minimum commitments, no contracts, and no setup fees.



Iodine Software, a leading healthcare AI company, has pioneered a groundbreaking machine learning approach called Cognitive Emulation™. With a focus on helping healthcare finance leaders build resilient organizations, Iodine's technology seamlessly combines clinical concepts, evidence-based medicine, and deep machine learning. By harnessing this power, Iodine's revenue cycle solutions maximize capture and data accuracy. Since its establishment in 2010, Iodine Software's innovative AwareCDI™ Suite has enabled nearly 500 hospitals to identify an astounding $1.5 billion in additional appropriate reimbursement annually. To learn more about their transformative solutions, visit



Junum, founded and led by nutritionist and engineer Molly Hegarty, is a company dedicated to helping hospitals address malnutrition to maximize the value of their clinical teams, drive revenue, and deliver exceptional patient care. Their intuitive tools seamlessly integrate within existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows, providing clinicians with easy access to vital nutrition insights that drive improved outcomes. To learn more about Junum's innovative solutions, schedule a demo today at



Nabla specializes in providing digital communication products for patient engagement in the form of SDKs (Software Development Kits) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Their products seamlessly integrate into any digital health operator's platform, enabling healthcare providers and digital health businesses to enhance patient engagement. By incorporating machine learning, Nabla empowers digital health businesses and healthcare providers to leverage data from all their communications. Their solutions drive improved insights and facilitate more effective patient communication.


Physicians Angels

Physicians Angels offers an affordable virtual workforce solution that empowers healthcare providers to prioritize patient care over paperwork. Their highly-trained leased employees seamlessly integrate into a medical practice's operational systems. By working in harmony with doctors and their staff, Physicians Angels accelerates workflow processes, boosts productivity, and improves profit margins. With a focus on reducing administrative burdens, Physicians Angels enables healthcare professionals to dedicate their expertise to enhancing patient outcomes and experiences.


ProScribe is a leading national medical scribe company that specializes in recruiting, hiring, and training healthcare-focused students to assist physicians with electronic health record documentation. By relieving physicians of documentation tasks, ProScribe enables them to focus on patient care, reduce burnout, and increase productivity. Comprised of a passionate and hardworking team of physicians, business leaders, and healthcare-focused students, ProScribe is dedicated to improving the overall quality of healthcare. Their scribes undergo extensive training to ensure success from day one. ProScribe differentiates itself through its high shift coverage, data-driven solutions, competitive pricing, flexible contracts, intensive training program, and responsive account management. Medical scribes play a vital role in accurately documenting patient interactions, enhancing provider efficiency, and improving patient satisfaction.

Provider's Choice Scribe Services

Provider's Choice delivers a tailored scribe experience that meets the unique needs of its customers. Through constant communication with providers, Provider's Choice ensures that documentation is completed according to specific requirements. The company also works closely with billing departments to identify and rectify any documentation shortcomings that may impact billing opportunities. Provider's Choice follows the motto of "always be improving" (ABI), encouraging scribes to constantly seek ways to refine the scribing process and increase efficiency. The company creates opportunities for personal growth, career advancement, and fosters a collaborative and rewarding work environment.


Robin Healthcare

Robin Healthcare is an innovative healthcare partner that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition, and domestic virtual medical scribes and care coordinators to address the significant challenges and inefficiencies in healthcare. Their talented team of engineers and medical professionals takes on the responsibility of medical note documentation, alleviating the burden from providers nationwide. Robin Healthcare empowers health systems to facilitate seamless care coordination within the convoluted and complex healthcare landscape. Additionally, they utilize advanced technology to audit charts for compliance and billing accuracy. With a strong focus on data security, their services employ the latest military-grade encryption technology to ensure patient data confidentiality. By partnering with Robin Healthcare, clients can prioritize what truly matters—delivering exceptional care to their patients. Robin Healthcare serves as your strategic end-to-end partner, enabling you to overcome healthcare challenges with confidence.



Scanbase offers an API that enables medical companies to rapidly integrate smartphone-based computer vision technology. This empowers individuals to analyze their at-home test results with confidence, providing convenient and accessible healthcare solutions. By leveraging Scanbase's technology, medical companies can enhance their offerings and facilitate accurate analysis of test results, improving patient experiences and outcomes.


Scribe-X is a leading provider of medical scribe services that supports health centers in eliminating provider burden, increasing productivity, and driving fiscal health. Their unique approach pairs providers with highly trained scribes who offer remote or in-clinic support. By providing real-time documentation and critical thinking, these scribes enable providers to focus on patient care rather than dictation and correcting outsourced services. Scribe-X's success is built upon their industry-recognized medical scribe training program, which customizes training to the specialties, workflows, and EMR documentation requirements of each health center.



ScribeEMR provides comprehensive services to address physician EMR charting challenges. With a team of experienced executives and entrepreneurs specializing in Clinical Documentation, ScribeEMR offers simple yet highly effective solutions. Their expertise enables physicians to overcome the complexities of EMR charting, streamlining the documentation process and enhancing workflow efficiency. ScribeEMR is committed to supporting physicians in maximizing their productivity and delivering quality care.



Scribekick is a trusted medical scribe company that offers doctors the convenience of onsite or virtual scribe services. With Scribekick, doctors can quickly benefit from the support of skilled medical scribes who assist with documentation, enabling them to focus on providing optimal care to their patients.



Seyyone is a trusted healthcare back-office services company that prioritizes HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Since 1999, they have been offering a comprehensive range of services to medical practices in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Europe. Recognizing the demands of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) adoption, Seyyone understands the need for medical assistants to be present during patient examinations to ensure real-time entry of every detail into the EMR. However, the challenges of absenteeism and patient objections can make a physician's day more difficult. To address these issues, Seyyone offers quality virtual/remote scribe solutions. Their skilled scribes can create charts in real-time, eliminating the need for an assistant's physical presence during examinations and avoiding any potential awkwardness. With Seyyone's virtual scribe solutions, practices can maintain efficient and accurate EMR documentation while enhancing the patient experience.


SharpScribe aims to alleviate the documentation demands of physicians by connecting them with medical scribes. The company provides individualized virtual scribe services tailored to the needs and preferences of practitioners and practices. SharpScribe focuses on enhancing documentation for coding, meaningful use, compliance, and regulatory needs. With expertise in healthcare documentation, SharpScribe guarantees a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Their services not only benefit physicians and patients but also generate an immediate return on investment for physicians' practices.


SOAP Health

Elevate Medical Practice is dedicated to enhancing healthcare by achieving earlier disease detection, improved diagnosis, and better outcomes through precise data collection, enhanced risk assessment, and efficient charting. Their flagship solution, SOAP, is an EHR-integrated conversational AI-powered interface designed to facilitate accurate patient data collection and analysis. With an unwavering focus on improving patient outcomes and eliminating administrative burdens, Elevate Medical Practice empowers patients and physicians alike to achieve optimal results in less time. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient-centricity drives innovation in the healthcare industry.

Valhalla Healthcare

Valhalla Healthcare is a dedicated team of providers and programmers who are leveraging advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare solutions for all. Their flagship solution, Allevia™, is a fully patient-driven, AI-powered intake solution that automates clinical notes for healthcare providers. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, Valhalla Healthcare aims to streamline the process of capturing and documenting essential clinical information, allowing healthcare providers to focus more on delivering exceptional care to their patients. Their mission is to revolutionize the healthcare industry through innovative technological solutions that enhance efficiency, accessibility, and affordability.


Virtual Physician Scribes

Virtual Physician Scribes offers superior scribing and transcription services to providers nationwide. Their goal is to help physicians benefit from electronic health records while reducing administrative burdens and improving the quality of patient visits. By utilizing virtual scribes, Virtual Physician Scribes eliminates the need for extensive clinical documentation, allowing physicians to focus more on patient care. The company is committed to eliminating physician burnout and increasing Relative Value Units (RVUs) for all clients. They provide a free week trial, allowing clinics to experience the difference in their operations.

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