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What is dynamic scheduling and staffing?

AVIA Marketplace defines dynamic staffing and scheduling as the ability to leverage a marketplace supply workforce (including full-time, part-time, per diem, contracted, gig, and alumni labor) with adaptive and staff-centric digital scheduling and staffing tools. Dynamic scheduling and staffing capabilities allow organizations to accurately predict and fill staffing needs through real demand forecast accuracy, which results in greater labor efficiency, reduced costs, and improved employee satisfaction. 

Key capabilities within a marketplace staffing environment include: 

  • Near real-time views of shift availability and staffing shortfalls
  • On-demand per diem shifts
  • “Passports” for staff to move between multiple care sites
  • Flexible payment tools, such as immediate shift payment and early pay
  • Assignment matching to support retention
  • Ability to leverage internally built and externally partnered new pool types, such as short shift, graduate, or geographical market

The above Market Map was created in partnership with the AVIA Insights team. For a view of the landscape inclusive of company self-categorization, see AVIA Marketplace.

The problem is that ensuring the right staff are in the right place at the right time is a time-consuming process by itself, and paper-based tools or spreadsheets lead to repetitive work and lack of flexibility. Poor staffing procedures don’t just impact the bottom line, they can also affect employee satisfaction and the patient experience.

Introduction to the report

The Top Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling Companies Report is a resource designed to guide healthcare professionals in their quest for exceptional workforce solutions. This report offers perspective on prominent staffing and scheduling companies as reflected in the client reviews gathered on AVIA Marketplace and presents a selection of leading-edge solutions and companies.

This report is organized around client reviews that provide insight into the impact these solutions have had with the organizations they work with and include concise summaries that could assist in pinpointing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our AVIA Marketplace serves as an additional resource, facilitating access to detailed company profiles, verified client lists, comparison of various solutions, and Match Scores to streamline your selection process. For even greater depth, AVIA experts are available through a Marketplace Product Review (for digital health solutions) and AVIA Membership (for hospitals and health systems). Ready to learn more? Send us a note!

Our methodology

The data that powers this report stems directly from the AVIA Marketplace, informed by reviews and by the number of verified health system clients associated with each company featured in the marketplace. In observance of confidentiality agreements, the complete client lists may not always be available from vendors.

Please note that the data presented is dynamic and subject to change over time. Therefore, we advise that decisions drawn from this information should be made judiciously, backed by thorough consideration.

AVIA's perspective and report limitations

Please note that this information does not reflect the opinions or views of AVIA as a whole, or AVIA Advisory Services. Rather, it reflects data captured on AVIA Marketplace at a point in time. This data is subject to change over time.

We at AVIA acknowledge the diverse strategies hospitals employ when selecting technologies. The reviews herein can offer valuable insight, but we also encourage considering other factors, like EMR integration, experience with clients similar to your organization, or overall market presence, which may prove pivotal in decision-making. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive analysis on these other aspects as well.

Our unique Product Grid, powered by our proprietary Match Score, is a useful tool to consider in your evaluation process. This methodology ensures that the products featured not only meet the buyer’s specific requirements but also exhibit solid market establishment.

Top-rated Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling companies

The top-rated dynamic scheduling and staffing companies were the most-reviewed within their product category.


ShiftMed’s comprehensive healthcare workforce solution combines internal resource management technology with an on-demand workforce marketplace. Organizations can recruit from within, incentivize employees with creative benefits, and seamlessly supplement their workforces with external workers as needed. With full visibility across the enterprise and predictive analytics to anticipate future staffing needs, health system, skilled nursing facilities, and in-home providers can leverage ShiftMed to reduce reliance on costly travel contracts and optimize their own workforces with better recruitment and retention efforts.

“They have world-class preboarding, a model that many need to learn from and adopt. I can’t say enough good things.”

– A verified Executive sponsor from a large-sized, pediatric, rural, AMC, ACO health system


TeamBuilder is a predictive staff scheduling platform specifically designed for ambulatory care. Leveraging data science, TeamBuilder predicts and balances staff workload, creating optimal schedules for every hour of the day through an intuitive digital interface.

“Teambuilder propelled our clinical staffing model into the digital age.”

– End user at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center


Trusted Health is a platform that simplifies the process of connecting nurses with flexible job opportunities. By replacing traditional recruiters with an intelligent matching platform, Trusted Health empowers nurses to discover opportunities that align with their unique experiences, preferences, and goals. Their focus is on revolutionizing the staffing agency model by providing an innovative and personalized experience for nurses. Whether it’s acute or post-acute settings or supporting virtual and telehealth options, Trusted Health is dedicated to serving the needs of both nurses and healthcare organizations. Their platform improves time-to-fill, quality, and cost while providing data and predictive analytics on the nursing workforce.

“I have finally found a company that I would return to and work future contracts with”

– A verified End user from a AMC, ACO hospital.



UKG™ is a leading provider of HR solutions and workforce management software. Formed through the merger of Ultimate Software and Kronos®, UKG combines strength, innovation, and a people-centered culture. Their purpose is centered around inspiring workforces and businesses worldwide, paving the way for their people, customers, and the industry.

“UKG has elevated the productivity of our entire organization and helped us provide better service to our clients,” said Deborah Maynard, CHRO at Coast Mental Health.”

–  Deborah Maynard, CHRO at Coast Mental Health


Symplr provides compliance and credentialing Software as a Service solutions, helping healthcare organizations mitigate risk and ensure compliance. With a mission to simplify healthcare compliance and credentialing, symplr offers solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders in the healthcare community.

“[symplr] can build me any report that I need, but I like to build my own. I can build whatever I want, and it doesn’t cost me any more, aside from my time. You don’t always see that. Many [vendors] add more costs as you add more pieces”

– Chief Nursing Officer Karen Labonte, MSN, RN


QGenda stands as the industry leader in automated healthcare workforce management software. Since its inception in 2006, QGenda has built a strong customer base, serving over 1,200 customers across more than 30 medical specialties and 5,000 hospitals. Their subscription-based automated scheduling software is trusted by practice groups, hospitals, academic medical centers, and enterprise health systems to create optimal schedules for clinicians and medical staff, ultimately ensuring the delivery of high-quality care. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, QGenda continues to innovate and support healthcare organizations in their scheduling needs.

“The QGenda enterprise platform allows visibility and transparency not only for those on schedule but also for those who need to reference it.”

– Dr. Bethany Bruzzi CMO, Banner Health


Inovalon offers healthcare professionals in acute, post-acute, and ambulatory settings a workforce management software solution that simplifies staff scheduling and improves communication. By replacing traditional phone calls and texts with staff-wide push notifications and announcements, healthcare providers can save time and enhance efficiency. The software’s automated templates consider custom staff-to-patient ratios, eliminating the need for manual schedule management on spreadsheets. Inovalon’s solution also enables tracking of staff credentials, overtime thresholds, and scheduled time off, providing valuable insights for efficient workforce management. With Inovalon’s workforce management suite, healthcare organizations can make better planning decisions and experience the benefits of streamlined operations.

“The customizability has always been a game changer – to be able to put the edits into place as we need them. Claims Management Pro also helps us identify issues before they become a serious problem, allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive.”

-Rachel Dallmann, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, Phelps Memorial Health Center


ShiftWizard simplifies healthcare staff scheduling and communication, empowering leaders to prioritize improving patient outcomes. Developed by nurses for healthcare organizations, ShiftWizard’s workforce management software integrates with major EMR and Time & Attendance systems, enabling cost-effective decision-making based on real-time metrics. Their clients range from nationwide enterprise health systems to regional skilled nursing facilities.

“After two years, it was clear that ShiftWizard provided us with the ability to track projected overtime and reallocate staff accordingly. As a result, we have been able to positively impact our labor costs.”

– Pam Cayton, Director of Staffing Resources, WakeMed Health & Hospital


AMN Healthcare provides innovative healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services that assist clients, clinicians, and physicians in delivering excellent and cost-effective patient care.

“AMN Healthcare has been a wonderful partner, committed to continuing to innovate and enhance the tools to help us work toward achieving our goals.”

– Special Assignment Controller Staffing Resources, WakeMed Health & Hospital


Flexwise Health is a healthcare technology provider focused on optimizing clinical workforce coverage and increasing staffing flexibility. Their predictive analytics and AI-based prescriptive guidance enable healthcare organizations to efficiently manage their workforce and enterprise resource pools. Based in Nashville, TN, Flexwise Health is backed by investment from the AHA Innovation Fund. Their solutions empower healthcare organizations to enhance clinical workforce coverage while maintaining staffing flexibility.

“Best-in-class precision staffing company”

Braden Bills, Product Manager, at Sanford Health


Medely offers an innovative on-demand platform that connects healthcare professionals, including Registered Nurses and Techs, with per diem work opportunities. The company’s mission is to create a better work-life balance by providing a seamless and modern technology platform. Through Medely, healthcare professionals can easily find flexible work assignments, while medical facilities can efficiently fill their staffing needs. Medely simplifies the healthcare staffing process, eliminating complexities and intermediaries, and enabling direct communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals and facilities.

“The higher pay and flexibility I get through Medely is essential to doing the jobs that I love”

– Bridgett, registered nurse

More dynamic staffing & scheduling companies

Companies in this section did not have any reviews on AVIA Marketplace at the time of publishing. However, based on the number of verified clients we were able to gather, we include them here as other dynamic staffing & scheduling companies to consider. They are listed in alphabetical order.

ABOUT Healthcare

ABOUT Healthcare offers a flexible, purpose-built solution that empowers hospitals and health systems to operate as one connected network of care. They facilitate easy access for clinicians to transition patients into and out of the acute care setting, enabling faster and more efficient transfers to the most suitable care settings. Complemented by their clinical experts and best practices, ABOUT Healthcare provides health systems with the necessary controls and insights to foster resilience, enhance clinician effectiveness, and improve patient outcomes.



ADP is committed to designing better ways for individuals to work through their cutting-edge products, premium services, and exceptional experiences. Their solutions cover various areas including HR, Talent, Time Management, Benefits, and Payroll. Informed by data and designed with a focus on people, ADP aims to empower individuals to reach their full potential.



Amion ("Am I on") brings a splash of color to scheduling, making the process enjoyable and efficient. With features such as templates, patterns, staffing rules, and an autoscheduler, Amion simplifies the building and fine-tuning of schedules. Staff can easily view assignments, send pages, synchronize personal calendars, submit special requests, and swap shifts online through the platform. Amion for Enterprises manages on-call schedules for entire hospitals, allowing each department to build and maintain their schedules accurately and conveniently.



Avantas specializes in evidence-based workforce management solutions for healthcare providers. Their comprehensive offerings include advanced volume forecasting with predictive analytics, workforce analytics, operational best practice guidance, and an industry-leading online scheduling tool called Smart Square®. As a division of AMN Healthcare, a prominent healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company, Avantas supports hospitals and health systems in optimizing their workforce to enhance operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.



CareRev is a technology platform that empowers healthcare professionals to take control of their careers. By connecting healthcare facilities directly with local clinical talent, CareRev eliminates intermediaries and enables professionals to choose where and when they want to work. They are building a resilient and flexible healthcare workforce of the future, serving over 32 major metropolitan areas nationwide with their network of more than 22,000 clinical professionals. CareRev aims to provide a local and reliable solution for healthcare staffing needs.



Ceridian is a global human capital management software company renowned for its Dayforce platform. Dayforce offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based HCM solutions, including human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management functionality. Ceridian's platform optimizes the management of the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting and engaging talent to deploying and developing people. With solutions designed for organizations of all sizes, Ceridian empowers businesses to streamline their human capital management processes effectively.


Clipboard Health

Clipboard Health leverages technology to address the nursing shortage and provide nursing facilities, such as SNFs, senior care, and hospitals, with qualified nurses at the right time and place. Recognizing the challenges faced by nursing graduates in finding employment, Clipboard Health aims to connect the 4 million nurses in the country to job opportunities. As an alumnus of the incubator Y Combinator, Clipboard Health operates in multiple locations across the United States, serving as a bridge between nurses and healthcare facilities.

Core Schedule

Core Schedule offers a user-friendly staff scheduling solution that helps organizations function more efficiently. With a customer base in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand, Core Schedule provides hospitals and other healthcare units with the tools to enhance staff satisfaction, reduce errors, and equip managers with real-time information for informed decision-making. Their system is tailored to meet the unique needs of each department and site, simplifying the scheduling process without adding unnecessary complexity. Core Schedule also offers forecasting capabilities, reporting tools, and compliance features to streamline management tasks.


Deputy is an all-in-one workforce management solution that simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, tasking, and communication. With a global presence in over 100 countries and across 245 different industries, Deputy has revolutionized how businesses and teams handle workforce administration. Their platform has rostered over 500 million shifts since 2008. Deputy's goal is to remove administrative burdens and allow customers to focus on what they love, whether it's running a small business or managing a large team. They are constantly seeking top talent to join their mission of transforming the way the world works.


DirectShifts is a workforce development and management partner that is revolutionizing healthcare staffing through innovative technology and services. By leveraging AI, they connect healthcare organizations with high-quality, local clinicians to efficiently fulfill their temporary and permanent workforce needs. Their comprehensive platform streamlines recruiting and hiring processes, offering features such as tech-enabled requisition, sourcing, applicant tracking, credentialing, onboarding, scheduling, and time management. With a local-first approach to sourcing, DirectShifts reduces reliance on travel clinicians. They provide flexible and transparent pricing without hidden fees or long-term contracts. As a full-service labor management partner, DirectShifts offers solutions for Per-Deim, Contract, and Permanent Placement, providing unrivaled service and support to healthcare organizations.


EmOpti addresses staff shortages in healthcare by providing telehealth and hybrid workflow solutions with automation. Their technology accelerates patient throughput, increases revenue, and reduces costs in various care settings. EmOpti's expertise spans high volume, complex, multi-facility deployments, and their team consists of experienced clinicians, logistics experts, health business analysts, and innovative software developers. Their Telehealth software platform supports numerous in-hospital use cases, enabling virtual teams to conduct remote video consultations and collaborate with on-site personnel to optimize care and decrease exposure risk. EmOpti's professional services division supplements health organizations' staffing needs by providing virtual physicians, dieticians, and other professional staff for high-quality clinical care.

Harris Healthcare

Harris Healthcare is a dedicated healthcare solutions provider focused on improving productivity, efficiency, accessibility, regulatory compliance, patient care, and safety. With a history rooted in the healthcare industry, Harris Healthcare offers a comprehensive suite of clinical, financial, scheduling, and planning solutions tailored to the needs of small practices and large IDN networks. Their solutions are used globally by hospitals, health systems, and associated facilities to enhance operational performance and financial stability.

Hicuity Health

Hicuity Health is a leading provider of high acuity telemedicine services, offering remote patient monitoring and critical care expertise to hospitals and health systems nationwide. Leveraging their proprietary clinical response platform, certified clinicians, certified technicians, and advanced connectivity and diagnostic technology, Hicuity Health delivers 24/7 clinical expertise to patients, families, and providers in over 100 hospitals across 30 states. Their telemedicine solutions optimize care, improve patient outcomes, and provide reliable clinical support.

Hospital IQ

Hospital IQ provides an operations management software platform designed to optimize operational performance in healthcare organizations. Using artificial intelligence, their cloud-based software combines workflow automation, communication technology, and AI-powered analytics to support surgical resource alignment, patient flow, and staff scheduling. Hospital IQ's intuitive user interface enables hospitals and health systems to make data-driven operational decisions, improving patient access, care delivery, and staff productivity. With a focus on peak operational performance, Hospital IQ helps healthcare organizations achieve sustainable improvements in efficiency and patient care.



Infor is a global leader in business cloud software, specializing in industry-specific solutions. With a presence in over 175 countries and a customer base of over 67,000, Infor delivers progressive software designed for industry progress. In the healthcare sector, Infor offers solutions for HR, talent management, time management, benefits, and payroll. Their data-informed and people-centric approach to designing better ways to work helps organizations optimize their workforce management and empower.



IntelyCare revolutionizes workforce management for post-acute healthcare facilities. Their cutting-edge matching technology understands the unique needs of healthcare facilities and nursing professionals, optimizing staffing to enhance patient care. In addition to staff augmentation, IntelyCare offers user-friendly software tools for scheduling clinical staff in Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living environments, accompanied by valuable training resources. The company is committed to simplifying and improving the healthcare staffing landscape, focusing on delivering exceptional solutions without the involvement of third-party recruiters.



Intrigma specializes in providing healthcare organizations with efficient workforce scheduling solutions. Their cloud-based platform operates on a software-as-a-service model, empowering clients to effectively manage time, motivate staff, deliver high-quality care, and control costs. Since their inception in 2004, Intrigma has become a recognized leader in medical staff scheduling, driven by a dedication to advancing scheduling technologies and meeting the specific needs of the healthcare industry. Their time-saving software solutions have garnered praise, and they maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Med-Link Staffing

Med-Link offers national multispecialty physician staffing services with a network of highly qualified physicians available for contract-based telemedicine consults. Their network spans various specialties, including family, internal, and emergency medicine, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, infectious disease, nephrology, and pulmonology. Med-Link's experienced physicians provide synchronous and asynchronous consultations for inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as direct-to-consumer patients. With nearly 20 years of industry presence, Med-Link has developed a staffing program and financial model tailored specifically for the telemedicine sector, facilitating efficient access to qualified healthcare professionals.


Medecipher develops FLO, an AI-powered predictive staffing decision support platform designed for nurse managers. FLO intelligently sequences shifts, considering patient and nursing needs while adhering to organizational rules. In today's healthcare landscape, marked by increased patient acuity, extended lengths of stay, and limited clinical staff availability, Medecipher addresses the challenges of accurately determining nursing workload and deploying resources optimally. By providing customized and flexible staffing models, Medecipher empowers nurse leaders to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure optimal patient care.


Motovate Ltd

Motovate is a smartphone app that enables healthcare providers to easily access the availability of health professionals who seek on-demand work or wish to explore career changes within the sector. The app's strength lies in its simplicity, offering exclusive access to clients. Motovate utilizes location features to facilitate searching, locating, selecting, and connecting with registered health professionals who meet resource and recruitment needs. Think of it as the 'Uber' for health professionals seeking on-demand work. Designed to deliver a flexible network and prompt responses, the app aims to reduce downtime and enhance efficiency.


Nomad Health

Nomad is the pioneering online marketplace for clinical work, transforming the healthcare staffing landscape. Medical facilities can post shifts they need to fill, while doctors and nurses can search for work based on factors such as price and location. By eliminating the involvement of third-party recruiters, both parties can directly message and contract with each other. Nomad simplifies and modernizes the process of finding clinical work, replacing the chaotic healthcare staffing system of the past with a user-friendly technology platform that just works.



OnShift has developed a next-generation human capital management platform that brings about a fundamental transformation in the relationship between healthcare organizations and their employees. Their innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, workforce management, pay, and engagement aims to foster a culture where employees are motivated to work and contribute to the organization's success. With their integrated suite of software and services, OnShift empowers healthcare organizations to effectively reduce turnover rates, control costs, and enhance the quality and continuity of care they deliver.

OpenLoop Health

In response to the recent healthcare crisis, OpenLoop Health has made changes to their platform to facilitate the rapid placement of providers. They have partnered with several state medical societies and healthcare systems to establish a centralized database of cross-specialty healthcare personnel and volunteers seeking opportunities to contribute in the fight against the coronavirus. OpenLoop aims to streamline the hiring processes by creating a centralized database of credentialing material that can be quickly delivered to onboard new hires. Their proprietary matching algorithm connects providers with facilities in need of their specific expertise, providing employers with higher quality matches at a reduced cost compared to traditional headhunter agencies. Through their internet-based hiring platform, hospitals and private practices can enroll as members and be matched with qualified providers based on availability, specialty, proximity, desired compensation/benefits, and even personality/professional qualities, all aimed at increasing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.


PerfectServe, Inc. offers physician contact and patient care communication services to healthcare clients across the United States. With a strong presence in more than 130 markets, PerfectServe has been experiencing significant growth since 2000. The company's innovative offerings, PerfectServe One-2-One and PerfectServe OnCall, meet the market demand for efficient physician contact solutions. Independent research has recognized the accuracy, reliability, and personal control provided by the PerfectServe platform, enabling medical professionals to enhance their physician contact processes. Currently, PerfectServe facilitates tens of thousands of interactions per day between hospitals, physician practices, and their approximately 12 million patients.

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 2.21.52 PM

Prolucent Health

Prolucent is revolutionizing the healthcare workforce landscape by leveraging advanced technology and engagement models that align the interests of employers and healthcare workers. By optimizing the quality and cost of workforce management, Prolucent helps employers enhance their recruitment and contingent workforce strategies while empowering healthcare workers to find meaningful opportunities and advance their careers.

quinyx_logo_petrolium_RGB (1)


Quinyx provides a comprehensive platform that optimizes business operations, workforce management, and engages frontline workers in a unified solution. With over one million workers benefitting from their all-in-one solution, Quinyx empowers employees to effectively manage their daily schedules for a better work-life balance. Through AI forecasting and efficient time reporting, Quinyx streamlines the scheduling process, ensuring shifts start on time while granting workers the flexibility to manage personal commitments. Quinyx's goal is to create a work environment where operations run smoothly, enabling workers to enjoy important moments without unnecessary complications.


Shiftboard offers an innovative online scheduling system that simplifies workforce management. Acting as a customized web-based hub, Shiftboard enables organizations to establish their own scheduling, coordination, communication, reporting, and member recruitment platform. Members can access their schedules, join teams, manage shifts, receive reminders, communicate with managers, and track availability, all while staying better connected. By leveraging the power of social networking and web-based self-service tools, Shiftboard eliminates traditional coordination challenges, enabling organizations to expand their business potential, management capabilities, and recruitment efforts beyond traditional limitations.

Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is a powerful and user-friendly scheduling solution designed to help organizations of all sizes efficiently manage their workforce. With features such as automated scheduling, time and attendance tracking, shift management, and messaging, Snap Schedule streamlines the entire workforce management process, saving time and reducing errors.



StaffReady® provides automated staff scheduling, competency assessment, checklist management, and document control software solutions for medical laboratories, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations. Their cloud-based tools improve productivity and reduce stress, backed by a responsive team dedicated to meeting clients' needs.

Steer Health

Steer Health leverages AI to power growth and automation in hospitals and healthcare organizations. Their mission is to alleviate the burden on healthcare professionals while driving revenue acceleration and cost savings. Through innovative solutions focused on streamlining patient acquisition, retention, and enhancing care, Steer Health is transforming the healthcare landscape.



SumTotal, part of Cornerstone OnDemand, offers a unified Learning and Talent Development suite that delivers measurable impact throughout the employee lifecycle. Their comprehensive technology enables organizations to build a culture of learning critical for growth and success. SumTotal serves industries such as technology, airlines, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, providing talent acquisition, onboarding, learning management, and talent management solutions.


TCP Software has been a trusted provider of flexible workforce management solutions and mobile timekeeping for over 35 years. Serving 30,000 customers and millions of users, TCP delivers best-in-class technology and support to organizations of all sizes in the public and private sector. Their solutions cover employee scheduling, leave management, timekeeping, and other workforce needs.


TigerConnect is a highly utilized communication platform in the healthcare industry, revolutionizing collaboration among doctors, nurses, care teams, and patients. With its consumer-like user experience, TigerConnect stands out by seamlessly facilitating both clinical and patient communication while meeting the rigorous security, privacy, and clinical workflow standards required by healthcare organizations. By leveraging TigerConnect, healthcare providers can enhance productivity, lower costs, and ultimately achieve better patient outcomes.

When I Work

When I Work is the market leader in shift-based workforce management software, offering a powerful, employee-first experience. Their platform gives shift workers a voice, promoting fair scheduling and empowering them to better manage their work-life balance. With integrated employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication, When I Work emphasizes collaboration, simplicity, and productivity for organizations of all sizes. Over 200,000 shift-based workplaces rely on When I Work to develop happier, more productive teams.


Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for organizations of all sizes, from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies.

WorkForce Software

WorkForce Software is a global provider of workforce management solutions with integrated employee experience capabilities. Their WorkForce Suite adapts to the unique needs of each organization, encompassing pay rules, labor regulations, and schedules. With a focus on delivering a breakthrough employee experience, WorkForce Software helps organizations optimize their workforce, ensure compliance, and increase employee engagement. Their solution is suitable for deskless or office workers, full-time, part-time, or seasonal employees, making global workforce management easy and rewarding.


Worx is a family-owned healthcare staffing agency committed to providing care to a significant number of patients each year. Their goal is to set the standard in the healthcare staffing field by focusing on customer service principles and prioritizing the well-being of their employees. Worx advocates for their clients and supplies them with reliable and skilled clinical staff.

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In an agile workforce environment, dynamic scheduling and staffing tools redistribute the administrative burden across the workforce, unlock the workforce as a system resource asset (rather than a group of departmental assets), and create measurable value for the health system as a whole. When done well, organizations are better equipped to staff from within their controlled resource base, minimize their overtime spend, and reduce their reliance on outside agencies to cover unfilled shifts. Visit AVIA Marketplace to explore the companies listed in this report and thousands of other digital health companies and solutions. You’ll find verified client lists, use cases, differentiators, and more to help you streamline the vendor selection process and identify companies that can fulfill the unique needs of your health system.

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