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2023 Recognition

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What is the opportunity for digital in oncology care?

In recent years, digital has evolved into its own distinct asset class for healthcare organizations of any size, and is a necessary strategic pillar in any long-term strategy. For an especially complex service line like oncology, organizations that prioritize digital are uniquely positioned to meet increased needs for exploration and education, support patients and their caregivers through lengthy and stressful care journeys, and empower care teams to spend more time engaged in direct patient care. Digital solutions can relieve staffing shortages, offer new services, create workflow efficiencies, expand access and help realize downstream revenue. 

Oncology-focused solutions exist within a broad framework and support patients, caregivers, and care teams through screening, diagnosis, treatment, second opinions and referrals, and ongoing support and coordination. 

For caregivers• Education
• Communication
• Caregiver skills training
• Community resources
• Coping resources
• Emotional and grief counseling
For patients• Core patient capabilities (transactions and interactions)
• Whole person care (social, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs)
• Clinical trial and second opinion navigation
• Treatment support
• Survivorship support
For care teams• Care coordination
• Vital sign surveillance/remote monitoring
• Virtual tumor boards
• Patient navigation
• Clinical decision support
• Care team communication
• Clinical and quality analytics

To deliver a hyper-personal experience, health systems and cancer centers need to reimagine how to engage patients and caregivers to deliver an accessible, consumer-centric experience from pre-diagnosis through survivorship.”

Introduction to the report

The Top Oncology Companies Report is a resource designed to guide healthcare professionals in their quest for exceptional digital oncology solutions. This report offers perspective on prominent provider documentation companies as reflected in the client reviews gathered on AVIA Marketplace and presents a selection of leading-edge solutions and companies.

This report is organized around client reviews that provide insight into the impact these solutions have had with the organizations they work with and include concise summaries that could assist in pinpointing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our AVIA Marketplace serves as an additional resource, facilitating access to detailed company profiles, verified client lists, comparison of various solutions, and Match Scores to streamline your selection process. For even greater depth, AVIA experts are available through a Marketplace Product Review (for digital health solutions) and AVIA Membership (for hospitals and health systems). Ready to learn more? Send us a note!

Our methodology

The data that powers this report stems directly from the AVIA Marketplace, informed by reviews and by the number of verified health system clients associated with each company featured in the marketplace. In observance of confidentiality agreements, the complete client lists may not always be available from vendors.

Please note that the data presented is dynamic and subject to change over time. Therefore, we advise that decisions drawn from this information should be made judiciously, backed by thorough consideration.

AVIA's perspective and report limitations

Please note that this information does not reflect the opinions or views of AVIA as a whole, or AVIA Advisory Services. Rather, it reflects data captured on AVIA Marketplace at a point in time. This data is subject to change over time.

We at AVIA acknowledge the diverse strategies hospitals employ when selecting technologies. The reviews herein can offer valuable insight, but we also encourage considering other factors, like EMR integration, experience with clients similar to your organization, or overall market presence, which may prove pivotal in decision-making. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive analysis on these other aspects as well.

Our unique Product Grid, powered by our proprietary Match Score, is a useful tool to consider in your evaluation process. This methodology ensures that the products featured not only meet the buyer’s specific requirements but also exhibit solid market establishment.

Top-rated oncology companies

The top-rated Conversational AI companies were the most-reviewed within their product category. Companies in this section have all received the “Top-reviewed” recognition and the order does not indicate a ranking.


Jasper’s patient-centric cancer care platform helps patients and members adhere to treatment plans, improves their overall patient experience, and broadens their access to tools and resources. Jasper Health integrates within existing clinical workflows and available with private labeling, Jasper Health provides continual monitoring and interactions, psychosocial support, and between-appointment guidance tailored to the specific needs of patients. The result: most Jasper members report lower stress and anxiety and better medication adherence.

“Jasper is an invaluable resource to our breast cancer patients, who need assistance with tracking their appointments, medications, and so much more. I would refer any cancer patient there who is looking to streamline the complicated journey of cancer treatment.”

A verified Non-profit partner working with Jasper Health


Andor Health aims to change the way patients and providers connect and collaborate around oncology use cases. By optimizing communication workflows, Andor’s solutions accelerate time to treatment, decrease clinician burnout, and drive better patient outcomes. Andor allows care teams to collaborate using a multi-disciplinary approach and leverages AI to support programs including tumor boards to provide real-time clinical insights of relevant patient data. For patients and caregivers, Andor supports remote monitoring through programs, such as hospital at home, to allow patients to be treated and recover in the comfort of their own home. Andor also enables configurable cancer survivorship and educational content, inclusion/exclusion criteria for enrollment into clinical trials specific to oncology, and a digital front door for on demand virtual visits. This ensures equity across all patient populations by taking into consideration social determinants of health (SDOH) for access to care and preventative screenings.

“We were able to rapidly transition all of our in-person visits to fully virtual sessions with a complete digital front door and low call abandonment rates.”

— End user at Orlando Internal Medicine


Memora Health’s AI-powered care enablement platform digitizes and automates care journeys — making complex care delivery simple for patients and clinicians to navigate. Memora’s conversational, two-way text support feels as simple as chatting with friends and family, but is backed by powerful AI and natural language processing to intelligently answer common questions about symptoms, medications, and care plan adherence, and triage concerns to the care team directly into the EHR or Memora’s own dashboard.

“Memora has the tools to help us ensure a first-class experience by answering patients’ questions and guiding them each step of the way.”

— Tarun Kapoor, MD, MBA Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Virtua Health


The Bethesda-based Mytonomy Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare cloud solutions for video-based patient education and engagement. The company leverages the power of content streaming and intelligent patient/provider communication to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase volumes. The enterprise platform provides a seamless, consumer-like experience across all major medical conditions, pre/post procedure, ambulatory, inpatient, and at-home care, and fully integrates with all major EHR and CRM systems.

“Mytonomy’s modern and dynamic patient education platform is a first-class solution to educate the patients we serve.”

— A verified Executive sponsor from an extra large-sized, AMC, ACO hospital


LeanTaaS is a trailblazer in optimizing infusion center operations, with over 80% of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and more than 60% of National Cancer Institute members trusting its iQueue for Infusion Centers. This platform, rooted in machine learning and predictive analytics, empowers centers to enhance their scheduling capabilities, significantly reducing patient wait times and foreseeing potential scheduling challenges. By offering tailored scheduling templates and real-time insights, iQueue ensures a more streamlined experience for both patients and staff, resulting in notable improvements in revenue and operational efficiency.

“We’ve seen tremendous success and kept our wait times under 10 minutes while increasing patient volumes.”

— Becky Duchman, Director Ambulatory Infusion/Treatment Services at Nebraska Medicine


Playback Health is an EHR-integrated single-solution clinical platform to help increase patient recall, improve clinical efficiency, and drive better health outcomes. Clinicians can securely access in-app audio, video, and screen recording to document appointments and care instructions, which patients can later revisit and share with their families and care partners. Playback Health functions as an easy-to-use single source of truth for patients, families, and providers with easy document and information sharing, secure video chat, and collaboration tools to optimize care across health systems.

“Playback health gives me back time it takes to care for patients again Instead of just worrying about how to get paid.”

— A verified end user at a Medium Sized AMC

More oncology companies

Companies in this section did not have any reviews on AVIA Marketplace at the time of publishing. However, based on the number of verified clients we were able to gather, we include them here as other oncology companies to consider.


ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere clinical trial platform is designed to assist and expedite the core steps of the drug research and development process through safety, clinical, regulatory, and medical affairs solutions. Clinical operations and clinical data management teams can leverage LifeSphere to work together seamlessly, obtain high level compliance support and enablement, and collect medical intelligence and automate reporting. LifeSphere’s rapidly-deployed technology supports development from clinical through commercialization and ensures consistent best practices across the board.

Carevive Systems

Carevive Systems provides personalized and dynamic cancer care plans for patients that improve clinical outcomes and enable oncology practices to operate in emerging value-based models. The Carevive platform embeds within existing EHR workflows to generate personalized care plans for self care, cancer center resources, and emergency guidance at any stage of the cancer care continuum. Carevive also offers survivorship care plans to ensure that patients are not lost in the system as they transition from active treatment and back to primary care.


CareZone is a worry-free way to organize health information and access vital health services. Patients and caregivers can instantly scan pill bottles to create detailed medication lists, use automatic reminders to stay on track with care plans, and request free medication delivery. The free mobile app can also help users save on Medicare premiums with assistance from licensed brokers in all 50 states.

Clinical Ink

Clinical ink’s unified data platform leverages Direct Data Capture technology to replace outdated data capture practices and simplify tracking, evaluation, and reporting with decentralized or hybrid clinical trials. Simplified workflows and powerful data analytics allow for immediate capture of quality data with fewer errors and accelerate decision-making. The patient interface bolsters participation with user-friendly interfaces, electronic consent forms, and real-time compliance alerts.

Cordata Healthcare Innovations

Cordata Healthcare Innovations offers specialized software applications for effective patient management using patient-focused, nurse navigation models. Cordata Spine, Cordata Oncology, Cordata Consensus, and Cordata ConsensusNow are designed to assess patient needs prior to appointment scheduling to ensure appropriate utilization of clinicians and other clinical resources. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Current Health

Current Health pulls together all the necessary components to design, build and scale remote care for patients with a variety of health conditions and acuity levels. Current Health offers software and devices, nurse monitoring and triage to support care teams and inventory and logistics for patient kits. The flexible platform can also be customized to support decentralized clinical trials, biomarker development and in-home delivery of high-risk therapies.


Digidence develops state-of-the-art software solutions for oncology practices to improve clinical trial accrual patient outcomes and streamline clinical workflows. The CareXplorer solution helps patients learn what clinical trials are and activates them to ask care teams about trials, increases participation, and encourages them to obtain genomic testing. Their nurse triage program, CarePrompter, lets patients engage in self care, report symptoms, and track health over time.


DoctorSpring - Ask a Doctor 24/7

DoctorSpring is an online platform where patients can consult licensed physicians online from anywhere at any time. Patients share relevant case details and work with care coordinators to match with a relevant expert for a thorough evaluation of their medical history, diagnosis, and treatment plan. DoctorSpring supports patients after each consultation with additional information and referrals.

Elekta Kaiku

Previously known as Kaiku Health, Elekta Kaiku is a digital health company with a mission to improve quality of life through health data science. Their intelligent digital platform monitors patient-reported outcomes and delivers personalized content and timely interventions for multiple specialties, including cancer care, fertility treatments and preventative care. Along with improved symptom management and automated triage, Elekta Kaiku provides real world data on the safety profile and effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Evidation Health

Evidation’s research enablement and recruitment solutions accelerate recruitment with precision segmentation, strengthen participation and data collection with gamified engagement, and help researchers improve data quality and build more inclusive and representative datasets. Longitudinal ePROs, surveys, and biometric data from wearables and devices strengthen understanding of whole-person health and unmet needs. Evidation can help researchers identify even hard-to-find participants with predictive algorithms for symptoms that indicate possible health events and diseases.

Family Care Path

Formed 2016 as a spin-off company from Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Family Care Path has a mission to bring patient-benefiting products from the academic institute to market. CancerNav, based on patient navigation software from the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center, allows a clinical or lay navigator to assist a patient through the complex care continuum of cancer treatment. The web-based SaaS program is highly customizable and can be integrated with Epic and is an app on Cerner. CancerNav is available as an app on the HealthCloud for ease of use in the EMR environment.


With a singular focus on cancer research and treatment, Flatiron’s portfolio of digital oncology solutions support quality patient care, help researchers generate evidence and insights, and support clinical excellence and financial performance for oncology practices. OncoTrials and Flatiron Clinical Pipe help efficiently identify and screen patients for trials and quickly transfer trial data, and data products like the Enhanced Datamart and Clinico-Genomic Database offer quick access to real-world evidence. At the point of care, OncoEMR provides specialty-specific clinical content and intuitive workflows, and additional EOM and MIPS solutions help drive clinical efficiency and optimize program performance.

Guideway Care

Guideway Care works with companies, hospitals, specialty practices and health plans to support patients from initial interest (lead generation and conversion) through their entire care journey. Specially trained non-clinical Care Guides work with patients and caregivers to understand and resolve barriers to care and enable a uniform care experience with optimal outcomes. Their team and technology fills action gaps in care, compliance, communication and lead generation conversion.

Included Health

Previously known as Grand Rounds and Doctor on Demand, Included Health matches members with in-network physicians, assists with questions about benefits and bills, and offers access to virtual urgent care, online therapy, and specialist second opinions. The premium navigation solution lowers employers’ healthcare cost trends and goes beyond administrative support to directly engage members with clinically meaningful services that drive savings. Through the specialty care solution, members can access expert medical opinions, personalized referrals and precision interventions, and compassionate guidance throughout their care journeys.

Living With

Living With provides hospitals and ambulatory clinics with a single platform and product catalog for creating customized patient pathways for different symptoms and stages of treatment. Instead of deploying hundreds of separate apps and solutions, Living With can scale across multiple locations and service lines or the entire enterprise to improve outcomes and save time and money. For patients, Living With provides a single user-friendly app where they can access condition-specific content, with a separate view for caregivers. Clinicians can monitor and support patients while optimizing interventions through the clinical portal, and an additional third party dashboard supports management of multiple clinics and provides access to aggregated and anonymized data.

LS CancerDiag

LS CancerDiag Ltd is committed to reducing cancer mortality rates with a low-cost, simple diagnostic method that detects an inherited cancer-causing condition prior to cancer.Their groundbreaking DiagMMR™ assay is an easy functional test that can be used for diagnosis of MMR deficiency, or Lynch syndrome. Their mission is to save lives across the globe through an innovation that dramatically simplifies diagnostics of Lynch syndrome by delivering predictive and accurate results with a fast, unique and cost-efficient method.


Medidata helps generate the evidence and insights so pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, and academic researchers can accelerate value, minimize risk, and optimize outcomes.Their decentralized clinical trial solution helps increase speed, safety, and security for clinical studies of any size, length and complexity, and patient-centric trial design solutions simplify participation and engagement with flexible data capture, eConsent tools, and connected device analytics. Patients can also utilize Medidata’s registry tool to learn more about clinical trial opportunities and expand their engagement.


Medisafe’s patient-centric approach to medication engagement uses advanced technology to deliver proven guidance to patients and extend persistence. Medisafe solutions offer personalized patient support rooted in behavioral science and driven by continuous evaluation of needs and motivators, care integration tools to enhance care team connectivity, and advanced care plan workflow capabilities. Crucially, MediSafe solutions recognize the crucial role of caregivers to help manage complex medication regimens and keep patients on track. automates matching cancer patients to clinical trials through personal medical history and genetic analysis. Its proprietary AI is capable of understanding a vast and growing range of clinical contexts and attributes at human expert level. The platform makes it easy for trained clinical teams to make decisions based on complex data, and clinicians can easily share PHI with expert-level redaction in order to enable clinical research without compromising patient privacy.


Moovcare is a digital therapeutic that uses a simple questionnaire to detect relapse or complications during follow-up of lung cancer patients. The platform enables remote monitoring on a weekly basis and alerts care teams at the first signs of anomalies. Founded in 2014, Moovcare is based in Jerusalem, Israel.


MORE Health

MORE Health’s cloud-based medical collaboration platform facilitates simple and efficient connections between patients and physicians for second opinions and specialist consults from anywhere in the world. After user-initiated contact, MORE Health case managers guide patients through the process and gather medical information before a physician specialist reviews the information and delivers a final report within two to five days. Additional services include behavioral health second opinions and virtual behavioral health care.

Navigating Cancer

Navigating Cancer’s digital triage, ePRO, and patient engagement solutions support better health management, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. The comprehensive patient management platform eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and integrates with the EHR to streamline workflows and keep patients engaged with a single solution. Navigating Cancer delivers personalized patient education, monitors patient symptoms and alerts providers as needed, and simplifies reimbursement reporting for quicker reimbursement.


NRC Health

PatientWisdom, Inc. transforms the experience and delivery of care by listening to the people involved, individually and at scale. Their Wisdomics® platform directly captures real-world perspectives via HIPAA-compliant, mobile- responsive digital solutions — PatientWisdom, ProviderWisdom (with StudentWisdomTM for trainees, and CommunityWisdom—distilling essential information into meaningful, actionable insights to help clinicians and health organizations become more responsive and successful. This practical combination of digital and personal is the key to leading in the age of safety, consumerism, personalization, and value-based care.



OncoLens takes aim at fragmented care with its revolutionary multidisciplinary care platform, which improves outcomes through coordinated patient data, in-depth analysis, and actionable clinical decision support. Academic cancer centers can leverage the OncoLens platform to collaborate across wide-reaching networks of providers and community clinic partners, identify clinical trial matches and identify patients who can benefit from services like CAR-T cell therapies or bone marrow transplant. Community-based oncology centers can more readily achieve efficiencies in tumor board management, drive quality improvement, and engage with research and clinical trial opportunities.


Osara Health

Previously known as CancerAid, Osara supports cancer patients and caregivers with personalized coaching, evidence-based resources, and confidential support on demand. Programs are flexible and personalized, with focus areas such as mindfulness, living well with cancer, sleep, intimacy, legal considerations, and balancing cancer treatment or caregiving with everyday activities and responsibilities. All interactions are confidential, and Osara always seeks consent before sharing necessary information with employers or insurers.


OWise’s mobile app and website helps patients gain control of their lives immediately after a new diagnosis with reliable information and practical support. Patients can use a range of tools to prepare for hospital visits and make the most of consultations, including appointment calendars, note-taking capabilities, suggested questions, and a glossary of medical terms. OWise also helps patients understand their wellbeing and treatment progress with side effect tracking that can be shared with care teams.


RxPx is an SaaS platform designed to streamline and simplify the process of onboarding, supporting, and monitoring patients on specialty therapies. Their patient-facing platform supplies personalized tools and medication reminders, evidence-based education, and live in-app coaching. For providers, RxPx’s purpose-built SaaS streamlines patient management workflows, supports treatment plan adherence and persistence, and drives patient test compliance and safe use with blood collection services.


Second Opinions is a medical consultation and second opinion leader providing second opinion consultation service in all areas of medicine, including radiology. Users can access a network of board-certified physicians in most medical specialties and subspecialties, many of whom are fellowship-trained and possess additional CAQ certification. SecondOpinion’s radiology team offers expertise in multiple subspecialties, including PET/CT and oncologic imaging.

Signant Health

Signant Health’s suite of evidence generation solutions help customers of all sizes capture and manage reliable trail data, reduce patient and site burden, and equip study teams with the tools they need to efficiently make informed decisions. The Signant data aggregation and intelligence platform offers evidence generation tools such as eCOA, sensors and wearables, central rating and consulting, and analytics, IP management, and enabling solutions that include patient engagement, telemedicine, and virtual monitoring. Partner services, including home health and courier logistics, are also available.

Strata Oncology

Strata Oncology is a precision oncology company dedicated to transforming cancer care by expanding patient access to precision medicine clinical trials and accelerating drug approval. Their precision oncology platform uses a single tissue sample to provide treatment selections across therapeutic modalities, with longitudinal monitoring at all stages of disease. Their flagship molecular profiling test, Strata Select, includes immunotherapy response scores, genomic signatures (TMB and MSI) and comprehensive genomic profiling.


SurvivorPlan is a leading provider of next generation solutions to help today's top cancer centers achieve their goals related to cancer survivorship, care planning, and provisioning. Integrated “smart” tools automatically utilize existing clinical data and evidence-based guidelines to simplify the creation of treatment summaries and care plans. The end result is efficient, accurate, individualized web-based care plans that are "living" roadmaps, complete with timeline visualizations, integrated reminders, symptom/results tracking, personalized learning guides, and collaboration tools for multi-disciplinary care provisioning.



Previously known as Mango Health, PatientLink by TrialCard simplifies patient access and engagement with patient support programs while improving medication adherence. PatientLink users can choose from an array of support services, including compliant payment vehicles, click-to-chat-capabilities, and dynamically delivered and curated branded content. Programs delivered through PatientLink are accessible across multiple platforms and communication channels, including mobile, web, text and email.


TriNetX is a federated clinical data network of providers and pharmaceutical companies used to enhance clinical trial design and accelerate trial site and patient recruitment. TriNetX membership increases the flow of sponsored research to providers and enables pharmaceutical companies to find the right patients at the right sites for clinical trials. The TriNetX platform can be leveraged to determine study feasibility, facilitate trial collaboration, generate evidence, and manage drug safety.


Vynca, an advance care planning solution, addresses critical unmet needs in end-of-life care by aligning two important factors: individual preference and individual care. The advanced care planning platform provides safe spaces and trained facilitators to help patients and their families have difficult conversations and make important end-of-life decisions. VyncaCare’s palliative care solution augments care teams, provides 24/7 patient support, and assists with care coordination to address whole-person needs.


WiserCare’s digital decision support platform combines clinical evidence,patient preferences, and a proprietary data modeling approach that enable patients to make better healthcare choices. Built for patients, physicians, health systems, and risk-bearing entities and plans, WiserCare analyzes the best available evidence on treatment, models probable treatment outcomes for each individual patient, and helps patients identify treatment options that align with their needs, preferences, and barriers. The platform can be configured to suit individual practices and workflows, offers optional EHR integration, and can be white-labeled.


YPrime’s eConsent platform helps eliminate the barriers and friction that get in the way of the patient experience within clinical trials. Remote ePRO data collection with multiple modalities offers flexibility and convenience for patients, and patient engagement strategies keep participants more informed and boost compliance and retention. YPrime’s suite of IRT solutions cover end-to-end clinical supply consulting and management and data management support.

Find your new oncology solution.

For the complex world of oncology, digital tools are proving to be invaluable. They empower care teams, support patients and caregivers through multifaceted journeys, and enable a more holistic approach to patient care. From facilitating streamlined communication to offering vital resources for emotional and spiritual support, the digital landscape is transforming how oncology care is delivered and experienced.

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