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About digital patient education

Patient education is the ability to supply tailored health education content to the patient throughout the care continuum. Robust patient education offerings provide benefits such as better care plan adherence, improved outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

Traditionally, patient education has consisted of conversations with providers and paper materials for patients to take home. The leading digital solutions automate and personalize the process, delivering condition-specific health education to patients at the right time and place in their care journey. Ongoing self-service patient education is accessible on demand anywhere, at any time, and can range from web-based health libraries to personalized content on mobile apps.

Full-service patient education solutions fulfill two key roles:

  • Content curators that create educational content or source clinically validated material from third-parties.
  • Content aggregators that deliver educational materials and engagement opportunities to patients and consumers.


Best-in-class digital education goes beyond delivering relevant information at the right time and provides content that adjusts to accommodate the health needs of individual patients. Personalized education reflects medication regimens, comorbid conditions, health changes, demographic information, and support networks, and is delivered via a patient’s preferred channels at the right time of day in a format that is most accessible to them. Leading solutions continuously track how and when patients consume content to further fine-tune each individual care journey and effectively engage each patient.

We've seen a shift in the market away from solutions that focus solely on content creation and toward solutions that function as content delivery mechanisms. It's important for health systems to understand whether they need more engaging and personalized content, a delivery mechanism, or both. Purchasing decisions should be made within the context of the health system’s digital strategy so that a digital education solution doesn’t become just another siloed ‘thing’ that patients receive. Instead, it should be included as part of their broader care journey throughout the entire health system.

What many of the leading solutions offer:

  • Easy-to-understand materials in a variety of formats
  • Flexible integrations with EHR systems and other care platforms
  • Guided and personalized care journeys
  • Interactive and multimodal interfaces
  • Clinically validated content that adheres to current standards of care

About this report

The Top Patient Education Companies Report is intended to provide healthcare leaders with a broad view of digital patient education and showcase standout companies and solutions with proven market traction. Users can view quick summaries to help them identify which solutions might meet their needs and visit AVIA Marketplace to access detailed profiles and verified client lists, compare solutions, and generate Match Scores to narrow their selections. 

This report is powered by AVIA Marketplace data, and inclusion is based on the number of verified health system clients listed for each company on AVIA Marketplace. Due to confidentiality agreements, vendors may not always be able to provide full lists of clients.

The report was last updated on June 13, 2023 to include new companies based on recently gathered market data.

AVIA Marketplace's top digital patient education companies


GetWell’s namesake platform is designed to activate and engage patients across the care continuum, both at home and in the hospital. With a large library of clinically validated digital care plans, health systems can use GetWell to guide patients through pre-admission procedures and surgery prep, deliver education during inpatient stays, and provide ongoing touchpoints through virtual check-ins and two-way communication. Personalized care journeys can be accessed through multiple devices, and allow clinicians to provide ongoing remote guidance and more readily identify potential complications.



Seamless MD’s patient engagement platform simplifies the care continuum and improves outcomes with guided digital care journeys and intuitive user experience. Patients can access their digital care plans on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, and SeamlessMD shepherds them through the care process with reminders, tailored educational content, and progress tracking. Providers can review patient-reported outcomes and physiological data from connected devices and assign customized content in multiple languages to support information comprehension and retention.

Conversa Health

With its automated Virtual Care and Triage platform, Conversa reimagines patient education and care management as a text-based conversation. An automated AI chatbot engages patients in highly personalized automated discussions, analyzing patient-reported and physiologic data to identify at-risk patients and escalate to phone calls, telehealth, or in-person visits as needed. The extensive library of virtual care pathways includes chronic and behavioral care, post-hospital discharge, perioperative care, medication adherence, oncology, pregnancy, general lifestyle and wellness, and more.

Twistle by Health Catalyst

Health Catalyst’s configurable patient engagement platform Twistle automates patient education, follow-up and ongoing surveillance to improve outcomes and prevent hospital readmissions without increasing care team workload. Hospitals and health systems can deploy standardized content and care plans across multiple facilities and patient populations to reduce variability of care and improve quality. Twistle offers a large library of clinically validated educational content, delivered to patients in the right format at the appropriate time. With a wide variety of clinical use cases, including chronic care, behavioral health, cardiology and population health, Twistle can be deployed across multiple service lines to improve care and streamline clinical workflows across the health system.

Vibe Health by eVideon

With its Vibe Health smart room platform, eVideon seeks to create an interactive in-room experience for patients, families and clinicians with patient engagement and education tools, companion hardware devices, and smart signage to streamline clinical workflows. The Engage TV solution reaches patients through their in-room TVs with onscreen patient education that can be automatically assigned based on admission triggers, manually assigned by clinical staff, or assigned directly from the EHR with automated documentation. Health systems can leverage the interface to deliver patient satisfaction surveys, introduce the clinical team, and order meals, or make other service requests. Patients can also access all of Engage TV’s features through handheld Companion Tablets, which provide touchscreen functionality and eliminate the need for hard-to-sanitize external keyboards.


The Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare comes pre-loaded with licensed video content to capture your patient’s attention and navigate them through their care journey with intelligent communications. The platform's easy-to-use user interface leads to high user engagement rates, forming a foundation for a digital front-door strategy. The Mytonomy solution is cloud-based, white-labeled, and can be deployed in days. It can be used as a stand-alone portal or integrated with your EHR or CRM to trigger content automatically. No app to download, as it is mobile-responsive.


Orbita’s conversational AI platform powers voice, text, email and chatbot-based digital care solutions to support patients during their care journeys, reduce care team workload, and close gaps in care. The platform’s virtual care solution utilizes a virtual assistant to provide coaching, assessments, and reminders, while keeping the patient in regular communication with the care team. Health systems can quickly deploy virtual assistants with Orbita’s ready-made templates for coaching, surveys, and more, with omni-channel communication to facilitate communication in each patient’s preferred format. The virtual assistant can also be used to triage symptoms, help patients access self-service tools, and engage patients with campaigns and other outreach.


Krames’ patient education and healthy literacy solution was created to standardize education, meet compliance goals, and improve the patient experience, with materials available in a variety of formats and languages to meet patients wherever they are. Materials are available in 17 different languages, including English, and can be assigned in digital, video, and print formats. Clinical education is developed at a fourth to sixth grade reading level, with images and medical art to further support comprehension. Krames integrates with the EHR to deliver digital and video education directly to patients, and providers can select their preferred printed materials from over 600 available titles across 40 specialties.


The Emmi patient engagement platform from Wolters Kluwer offers a highly configurable patient education experience that includes hundreds of videos, thousands of leaflets available in up to 20 languages, and accessible content designed to support comprehension and better communication. Digital care journeys, available with the AI-powered EmmiJourneys solution, provide patients with personalized guidance, coaching, assessments, and support, while identifying patients at risk of readmission or ED visits. Patients can access Emmi content on devices they already own, including virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, and with flexible one and two-way integrations, Emmi easily slots into existing clinical workflows.


With a broad portfolio of patient education solutions, Healthwise works to inform healthcare consumers across the care continuum, through the decision-making process and beyond. A point of care solution allows clinicians to deliver health education from within their existing workflows, with content that includes instructions, videos, and decision support tools for patients. A self-service digital experience solution offers highly flexible content-as-a-service options, so health systems can augment their content libraries with Healthwise content and embed educational materials in their existing digital assets. Additional solutions support digital care journeys and standards-based patient education.


Elsevier’s online interactive patient education solution lets providers share peer-reviewed, evidence-based information with patients in the format that allows them to learn best. Clinicians can access thousands of topics, including conditions, tests, and treatments, and all assigned material is documented to the EHR and accessible to patients through the website or patient portal. Materials are written at a fifth to eighth grade reading level, with an easy-to-read option written at fourth grade reading level or below to accommodate a range of literacy levels. In addition to text, illustrations, and videos, Elsevier offers a medication interaction checker and pill identifier to facilitate easier medication management and verification.

Sanctuary Health

Sanctuary Health is a leading provider of studio-grade, masterclass-style healthcare educational content. Sanctuary Health videos are meticulously crafted to deliver a premium learning experience that engages and empowers patients to manage their health effectively. The content created is highly flexible and can be tailored to fit within a standardized care journey, prescribed by a physician, or delivered at the patient’s convenience. With the Sanctuary Health mobile-optimized and highly customizable format, patients can easily access videos on any device, in any language, and at any time. The solution is designed to help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by delivering high-quality, personalized patient education.

Epic Bedside

Bedside puts the chart in patients’ hands, giving them real-time access to lab results, medications, and treatment plans. Bedside goes beyond the chart as well. Patients can order meals, play games, or message the nursing staff from the comfort of their bed. Bedside’s range of features means patients can pick and choose what works best for them, which improves communication, raises patient satisfaction, and encourages patients to stay involved in their care after they go home from the hospital.

Other notable digital patient education companies:

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Effective patient education can aid with treatment plan adherence, improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction, reduce provider burden and lower the overall cost of care. Intelligent digital patient education solutions engage patients with personalized and timely content in their preferred formats, which empowers them to become active partners in their own care.

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