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About virtual visits

Virtual visits are the ability for patients to access remote care either synchronously (with a scheduled or on-demand live virtual encounter) or asynchronously and on-demand (through email, text, or chat messages).

Consumer demand for accessibility and convenience is greater than ever, but wait times for in-person primary care visits have increased, averaging at least seven days at minimum and more than a month in some markets. Virtual visits address these challenges, while also catering to the many patients who prefer them over in-person care.

After working with dozens of health systems across the AVIA network, it is clear that video visits are just the beginning: Hospitals and health systems that offer a seamless patient and provider experience for both synchronous and asynchronous approaches will also be well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities for growth, optimization, and efficiency.

What many of the leading solutions offer:

  • Multi-lingual and omni-channel with no app downloads
  • EHR integration with navigation and scheduling through existing workflows
  • Digital form upload and intake with virtual waiting rooms 
  • Flexible virtual encounter capabilities, including video, phone/audio, group chat and screen sharing
  • Templated documentation that flows to the EHR
  • Billing, ordering, and follow-up tools
  • Flexible staffing capabilities 
  • Data analytics to support smart utilization and staffing 
  • Technical support for providers and patients

About this report

The Top Virtual Visit Companies Report is intended to provide healthcare leaders with a broad view of virtual visits and showcase standout companies and solutions with proven market traction. Users can view quick summaries to help them identify which solutions might meet their needs and visit AVIA Marketplace to access detailed profiles and verified client lists, compare solutions, and generate Match Scores to narrow their selections. 

This report is powered by AVIA Marketplace data, and inclusion is based on the number of verified health system clients listed for each company on AVIA Marketplace. Due to confidentiality agreements, vendors may not always be able to provide full lists of clients.

AVIA Marketplace's top virtual visit companies

Zoom for Healthcare

Although Zoom is chiefly known for its ubiquitous video conferencing software, the communications firm also offers a versatile suite of HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools. Patients and providers can connect through video or phone visits, and the Zoom Rooms feature provides a secure virtual workspace for care teams to participate in patient consultations and collaborate on care plans. The platform offers flexible integrations with EHRs and other third-party solutions, along with broad customization capabilities that allow providers to tailor a virtual visit solution for their precise needs.


Zipnosis aims to eliminate clinical inefficiencies and improve the patient experience with its flexible virtual care platform, which automates administrative tasks and reduces clinical work time to an average of 89 seconds per encounter. With both synchronous and asynchronous virtual visit capabilities, Zipnosis walks patients through virtual triage and automatically pre-populates the platform with relevant data to reduce the need for manual documentation. Care teams can access a wide array of clinical protocols within the platform, and custom workflows are available to meet the needs of a variety of service lines.

Health systems can utilize’s powerful machine learning platform to extend services across multiple facilities, detect potential problems early, and facilitate timely virtual visits for patients in the hospital, in skilled nursing facilities, or at home. Providers can implement continuous intelligent monitoring in hospital rooms or at home with real-time notifications and automated virtual visit scheduling, as well as secure two-way messaging and medication reminders. Virtual visits can be conducted through mobile devices or with the Ambient Intelligent Monitoring Hub, which combines touchscreen functionality with a traditional handset and can be deployed in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or at home.


Amwell’s white-labeled telemedicine platform allows health systems to customize their experience as much as they want, with configurable modules for a variety of service lines and a mobile software development kit to support expansion into existing patient apps. Video visits can be scheduled or conducted on-demand, with multi-way capabilities so caregivers, translators, and other members of the care team can participate. The EHR-integrated provider app automatically displays patient data, captures visit notes, and allows clinicians to prescribe directly from the app.


GYANT specializes in AI-powered virtual assistants to automate touch points along the patient care journey, drive patient satisfaction, and reduce workload for clinical and support staff. The AI-powered Front Door solution acts as a round-the-clock single point of contact to answer questions, triage patients to the appropriate level of care, book appointments, provide referrals, and screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Health systems can more effectively engage with a greater number of new and established patients outside of business hours while simultaneously reducing call center overhead and improving clinical efficiency.


The VidyoHealth Virtual Care Platform, from video conferencing software company Vidyo, bills itself as a turnkey virtual visit solution with minimal implementation time and flexible scaling. Features include automated consent management, streamlined scheduling capabilities, multi-party video conferencing, simplified documentation, secure messaging, and a virtual waiting room. Health systems can opt for configurable bi-directional data exchange with the EHR and advanced reporting features, as well as compliant on-demand language interpretation services.’s asynchronous telehealth solution focuses specifically on low-acuity care, which drives up costs and reduces provider capacity for higher-acuity patients. The Navigate solution captures symptoms and instantly guides patients to the appropriate level of care within the health system, with pathways that can be adjusted based on the time or chief complaint. The Interview offering utilizes a library of evidence-based clinical interviews to support diagnosis, with automated documentation and interoperable chart-ready SOAP notes. Providers can utilize the Treat solution to treat more than 500 low-acuity conditions in as little as two minutes, with instant diagnosis, prescriptions, and referrals.

Vibe Health by eVideon

With its Vibe Health smart room platform, eVideon seeks to create an interactive in-room experience for patients, families and clinicians with patient engagement and education tools, companion hardware devices, and smart signage to streamline clinical workflows. The HELLO Video Visiting Solution, accessible through personal devices or hospital-owned devices without a download or login, allows patients to easily video chat with friends or family or remotely participate in video visits with clinicians. eVideon’s Engage TV bypasses unnecessary staff involvement and manual data entry with patient surveys, service requests, interactive education, and hospital information.


m.Care’s highly configurable virtual care platform uses more than 60 software applets to engage patients in their care process, remotely monitor their condition, and serve as an early warning system for potential issues. Care teams manage at-home care through the Care Management Workbench, where they can assign activities and education, monitor physiologic data, and oversee treatment plan adherence. With advanced analytics and predictive modeling, providers can promptly respond at the first sign of trouble with asynchronous engagement or HIPAA-compliant video chat.

Array Behavioral Care

More than 60 percent of U.S. counties lack a single psychiatrist, and for those where care is available, patients often must wait a month or more for an appointment. Array Behavioral Health aims to eliminate these gaps in care with an array of on-demand telepsychiatry services to support emergency departments, medical and surgical floors, inpatient psychiatric units, at-home care, and care in the community. Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and other behavioral health specialists are available around the clock to evaluate patients, provide consultations, and prescribe medications.

Other leading virtual visit companies:

Find your new virtual visit solution.

Virtual care can improve outcomes, drive patient satisfaction, and broaden access to specialty care for underserved patient populations. The leading virtual visit solutions go beyond phone calls and video visits with a wide range of tools and capabilities to offer greater flexibility for patients while reducing care team workloads and controlling costs.

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